4 Travel destinations for Kenyans

4 Travel destinations for Kenyans

We explore four amazing travel destinations for Kenyans who are looking to take a break and see new parts of the world.

Booking accommodation and flights should not be daunting tasks with thoughts of breaking the bank. There are various travel destinations for Kenyans to explore different cultures and have unforgettable experiences. Let’s take a look at four travel destinations for Kenyans below.

Get away from the busy city of Nairobi with family or friends to destinations around the world. These are the four most popular travel destinations for Kenyans. They are affordable and offer once in a lifetime experiences.

Today’s travel destinations are all about the best locations for social media content. Subsequently,  they are perfect for those seeking the wonders across the globe.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Translated from Arabic meaning ‘Haven of Peace’, the city surely reflects this with its tranquil atmosphere. The neighbouring country is a pocket-friendly travel destination that is rich and vibrant in culture, and history. Dar es Salaam has attractive beaches and humid tropics throughout the year.

Did you know? It is the seventh largest city in Africa, and the largest city in Tanzania.

Outdoor enthusiast will be happy to hear that Tanzania has four safari circuits; The Serengeti National Park being one of the world’s best wildlife safari destinations. Additionally, the city has essential ports for trade and commerce in and out of the country.

Dar es Salaam has a variety of cuisine to choose from. From local street food to international cuisines,  it is a gastronomic delight.

How to get there: Kenya Airways operates three flights daily from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Julius Nyerere International Airport.

Cairo, Egypt

Kenyans looking to get away should visit the largest city in Africa.

Cairo is perceived to be an expensive destination because of the famous Pyramids; however, the city has many other culture and historical sites to share with visitors. There are nine museums in Cairo which are all a must-see, as each museum offers unique experiences throughout Egyptian history.

The oldest archaeological museum in the Middle East is The Egyptian Museum which currently holds the largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities around the world.

Mumbai, India

Formally known as Bombay, Mumbai is a vibrant city that attracts Kenyans with its dynamic culture and traditions, state-of-the-art architecture, aromatic cuisine and welcoming locals.

The city is a collective of seven islands – Isle of Bombay, Colaba, Old Woman’s Island (Little Colaba), Mahim, Mazagaon, Parel and Worli.

Visitors’ travel itinerary can be filled with exciting activities and memorable experiences whether Kenyans travel alone, with family or with friends.

Mumbai is home to three popular world heritage sites, namely; the Elephanta Caves on Elephanta Island; Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria Terminus), and Victorian and Art deco buildings.

The city is also home to India’s many firsts from the first train to the first bus service, explore the complex and fast transportation systems.

How to get there: There are two daily flights to the colourful city of Mumbai from Nairobi.

Johannesburg, South Africa

South Africa is often referred to as the Rainbow Nation heritage, because of its multicultural and diverse communities that are visible throughout the country.  Johannesburg is the second largest city in Africa, following Cairo, Egypt. 

Johannesburg also has The Richest Square Mile in Africa, known as Sandton. The name is a combination of two of its popular suburbs being Sandown and Bryanston. 

The city of Johannesburg is filled with activities to indulge in throughout the day as well as popular for the nightlife. Travellers can visit the Carlton Centre, Apartheid Museum, many vibrant restaurants, the Rosebank Sunday Market, Wits Art Museum, the Maboneng Precinct, Oriental Plaza and the South Western Townships.

A few hours away, The Kruger National Park is one of Africa’s largest game reserves.

Travellers can explore the history of caves and mines at the Cradle of Humankind, the birthplace of humanity It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

How to get there: Kenya airways operates 27 flights a week to Africa’s busiest airport: Oliver (OR) Tambo International Airport. 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Dubai is one of the most luxurious travel destinations in the world. It is the business hub of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This travel destination has various man-made islands with unique architectural structures, exciting shopping malls, and is home to some of the tallest buildings in the world.

Dubai was mostly a desert area almost 25 years ago. Tourists will marvel on how rapidly the city continues to develop today.

Interestingly, the city’s adjusted its national work schedules to accommodate international standards. The Islamic country has recently changed its working/ weekend schedule and the weekend in Dubai is now 2.5 days: half a day from noon on Friday, plus Saturday and Sunday.

Kenyans visiting Dubai can enjoy exciting adventures and sightseeing with friends and family.

How to get there: There are two flights daily with Kenya Airways to the magical city of Dubai.


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