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Foreign Direct Investment

We facilitate communication and the building of strong investment relationships between investors and government bodies, with the aim of encouraging investments that are beneficial both to the recipient nation, which experiences economic growth, and to the investor, who receives significant returns. Our counsel is unbiased, reinforced by our understanding of economic growth policies, and supported at local and national levels.

Concierge Services

Our guidance continues beyond the point at which our clients receive their new passports or residence cards. The team at CS Global Partners nurtures business and social relationships at local, national, and international levels. In so doing, we ensure that our clients have a strong support network from the moment they move into their new countries.

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Real Estate Services

CS Global Partners is committed to outsourcing real estate investment opportunities that have the potential to yield the highest returns to its clients. Not only have we cultivated strong ties with local real estate developers and agents, but we also ensure that our clients are given the opportunity to invest in the world’s finest high-end resorts, villas, and hotels.

CS Global Partners carefully vets each Government-approved property we recommend, with the aim of ensuring that clients make sound investments. This vetting process includes strict due diligence checks, which involve assessing each property’s ‘value for money’, ability to yield high rents, build quality, and management team. Developers must also fulfil CS Global Partners’ due diligence checks before they can qualify as our partners in the real estate industry.

There are always broad economic factors to take into consideration when investing in real estate. Our team has the skill and experience to provide clients with guidance on the current market trends in the Caribbean and Europe.

Finally, CS Global Partners always invites its clients to visit their jurisdiction of choice when deciding where to invest. One of our team members will always be available to assist our clients both in organising his or her trip, and in providing on-the-ground guidance.