Accolades pour in for Secret Bay Dominica!

Accolades pour in for Secret Bay Dominica!

Secret Bay Dominica, an exclusive six-star luxury hotel and restaurant association, has garnered international acclaim for its opulence and breathtaking natural landscape.

The resort’s exceptional offerings have recently received the 2023 Travelers’ Choice ‘Best of the Best’ Award by TripAdvisor. This places it among the top 1% of hotels worldwide. Not only that, achieving another milestone, Secret Bay Dominica also claimed the coveted title of the number one resort hotel in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas in this year’s Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards.

Renowned as one of the world’s premier boutique resorts globally, Secret Bay effortlessly captures the essence of luxury and offers a unique sanctuary for its discerning guests.

More about Secret Bay Dominica

With its esteemed Relais and Châteaux property, this secluded six-star, all-villa resort showcases a seamless fusion of high design, residential-style villas, attentive concierge service, and two pristine private beaches.

Secret Bay has received worldwide appreciation for its commitment to providing its guests an authentic and open-air luxury experience.

The resort’s outstanding amenities, including the Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion, Gommier Spa, and cliff-edge Vetiver Sunset Deck, firmly establish it as a true paradise.

Visitors to Secret Bay can embark on life-altering adventures, such as exploring the vibrant rainforest or engaging in thrilling waterfall canyoning expeditions under the guidance of experienced healers.

At Secret Bay, guests are welcomed into a world of unrivalled romance and meticulously appointed accommodations. The resort’s amenities have captivated the hearts of those seeking a discreet and indulgent luxury hideaway.

Best of the best

TripAdvisor’s recognition of Secret Bay as a “Best of the Best” Award Winner stems from overwhelming positive feedback, outstanding reviews, and top ratings from travellers across the globe. The award validates the resort’s unwavering commitment to creating unforgettable guest experiences.

Gregor Nassief, the Founder of Secret Bay, expressed his gratitude for the support and appreciation of everyone who shared their experiences at the resort.

TripAdvisor commended Secret Bay: “Luxury at Secret Bay extends far beyond opulent accommodations and exceptional service. It encompasses a deep connection with nature and a commitment to preserving the pristine environment that surrounds us.

As you embark on your Secret Bay journey, prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Dominica, an island renowned for its untouched paradise.”

Best resort in the Caribbean

In addition to TripAdvisor’s recognition, Secret Bay Dominica has been named as the best resort in the Caribbean for the third time in four years by Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards.

Each year, Travel + Leisure releases a list of the finest hotels, islands, cities, cruise lines, airlines, spas, and more based on the results of its readers’ survey for the World’s Best Awards 2023.

Secret Bay Dominica has also secured the impressive 25th spot on the list of the world’s top hotels, with an overall score of 98.30.

The luxury resort’s amenities epitomize the discreet and refined six-star service that guests can expect. It’s fully-equipped modern facilities and attentive staff ensure an inconspicuous and elevated level of service.

The innovative Zing Zing Restaurant offers a hyper-local and intimate dining experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Guests can enjoy the contemporary gourmet kitchen, covered terraces, and breathtaking ocean views that enhance their travel experience. The Clifftop Multi-Villa Estates, with their architectural masterpieces, provide a captivating allure with three swimmable beaches.

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Luxury meets sustainability

Secret Bay has recently welcomed its first guests to the Clifftop Villa Estates. It also has four more villas expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

Moreover, the resort plans to introduce an array of new amenities. This includes a hillside funicular, a garden-to-fork chef’s table experience, elevated decks, an art gallery, and even a kombucha brewery, as part of its multi-year master plan. This expansion, covering over 40 acres of coastal land, will offer guests a wider range of amenities, additional private villas, and a for-sale residence program, while maintaining the resort’s commitment to providing a sense of space and the ultimate luxury of time.

Secret Bay Dominica is a unique blend of sustainability and luxury. The resort exemplifies a profound connection with nature and a dedication to preserving the pristine environment. This makes it an ideal advocate for eco-tourism and sustainable goals.

In addition to harmoniously integrating the resort with nature, Secret Bay implements sustainable practices such as a zero-waste policy, recycling initiatives, and eco-friendly cutlery and crockery.

The resort’s villas feature the Culligan Water Filtration System, allowing guests to enjoy drinking water from branded reusable bottles. This enforces its zero-tolerance policy for single-use plastic.

Dominica, acclaimed for its commitment to becoming the world’s first climate-resilient nation, stands as the Caribbean’s most environmentally conscious island.

Secret Bay has played a pivotal role in supporting and leading Dominica’s renowned sustainability efforts.

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Secret Bay’s remarkable villa options include

  1. Zabuco Villas: Offering panoramic views of Dominica’s majestic mountain peaks, these sunlit and secluded villas provide a truly enchanting experience.
  2. Ti-Fey Villas: Seamlessly blending with the surrounding rainforest, these villas offer captivating indoor-outdoor living spaces. Guest can immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, and aromas of nature.
  3. Ylang Ylang Villas: These stunning architectural creations are surrounded by lush gardens, creating idyllic love nests for guests to enjoy.
  4. Mapou Villas: Boasting uninterrupted ocean views and floor-to-ceiling glass walls, these villas provide a truly captivating experience.
  5. Honeymoon Villas: Specifically designed for romance. These unique villas offer private terraces or plunge pools, creating an idyllic setting for honeymooners.
  6. Multi-Villa Estates: Secret Bay’s Multi-Villa Estates cater to families, friends, or groups of any size. These villas provide an interconnected experience in an ultra-private oasis.

Secret Bay Dominica continues to set the standard for luxury and sustainable hospitality. The resort is a haven where guests can indulge in the finest experiences. All while basking in the pristine natural beauty of Dominica.

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