Alternative Residence: An Overview

At CS Global Partners, we have vast experience in helping our clients gain residence in a country of their choosing through residence by investment programmes. These programmes are usually best suited to individuals who either feel a strong connection to a country that does not offer a direct citizenship programme, or whose country of origin does not allow second citizenship. Changing one’s residence may also be an effective way of avoiding heavy-handed taxation, as many countries, with the United States standing as an important exception, will only tax individuals who reside within their borders.

Some important points must follow. A successful residence application does not imply that a later citizenship application will also be successful, although it may be a necessary stepping stone towards obtaining citizenship. Residence programmes require a period of actual residency in the host country, but these can be very brief, depending on the laws of the relevant jurisdiction. Finally, some countries require applicants to travel to the country to perform testing or sit for interviews.

Available residence by investment programmes are:

• Asian Residence Schemes:

o The Singapore Global Investor Scheme

• European Residence Programmes:

o The Portuguese Republic Golden Residence Programme
o The Greek Residence Programme
o The Republic of Cyprus Residence Scheme
o The Republic of Malta Residence Programme
o The Hungarian Investor Immigration Programme
o The Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program
o The Spanish Golden Visa Programme
o The Switzerland Residence Permit

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