Antigua and Barbuda Updates Application Forms

Antigua and Barbuda recently released updated citizenship by investment application forms, which revealed substantive changes to the eligibility and documentary requirements of its Citizenship by Investment Programme.

AB1 Form

  1. The updated AB1 Form shows that the age of eligible adult child dependants has been amended from “under the age of 25 years” (if dependent, unmarried, and in full-time education) to “under the age of 29 years” (if dependent, unmarried, and in full-time education).

This indicates that Antigua and Barbuda has increased the age threshold of an eligible adult to 28 (29 not included). The requirements that the child be dependent, unmarried, and in full-time education remains unchanged.

  1. The updated AB1 Form requires applicants to declare if they have been refused an entry visa to, been unlawfully present in, or been deported from any country, or sought to assist others to do the same, and specifies that this includes countries with which Antigua and Barbuda does not have a visa-free agreement.

Antigua and Barbuda will now be placing greater emphasis on immigration breaches worldwide, as well as on ensuring the protection of international open borders.

  1. The updated AB1 Form states that an HIV test is required for all persons applying for citizenship. Previously the requirement did not apply to children aged 12 or under.

Applicants must now ensure that all child dependants provide HIV test results as part of a citizenship by investment application.

  1. The updated AB1 Form specifies that tinted prescription glasses may be worn when taking the required passport-size photographs, as long as eyes are still visible. Previously, eyewear was prohibited.

Applicants requiring glasses must ensure that their eyes are fully visible on their passport-size photographs.

AB4 Form

Antigua and Barbuda updated the Investment Confirmation Form (AB4 Form) to reflect the changes made to the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme that became effective on 1 April 2020.

On 1 April, Antigua and Barbuda imposed a Government Processing Fee of US$30,000 on all citizenship by investment options for families of up to four persons – making the National Development Fund (NDF) and University of the West Indies (UWI) options more expensive (a US$5,000 increase) and the real estate and business options cheaper (a US$20,000 decrease). Please see the below table for reference.

Programme Option Minimum Contribution or Investment Government Processing Fees for a Family of Up to 4 Persons Government Processing Fees for Additional Dependants
NDF US$100,000  






US$15,000 each


UWI (family of 4 or more only) US$150,000
Real Estate US$200,000
Business (independent investment) US$1,500,000
Business (joint investment) US$400,000

How can I find out more?

If you want to learn about the changes made to the Antigua and Barbuda application forms in more detail, please contact CS Global Partners for more information.