Dual citizenship in Saint Lucia for families

Is dual citizenship in Saint Lucia ideal for families? We explore some of the child-friendly aspects of Saint Lucia that make it a world of adventure for all ages – and one of the best places for dual citizenship.

Gorgeous beaches, fantastic cuisine and the idyllic island lifestyle are some of the reasons why the Caribbean attracts people from all over the globe. But is it suitable for children? Certainly! The Eastern Caribbean nation of Saint Lucia offers the delights of island-life coupled with a family-friendly lifestyle.

Here’s what to do as a family in Saint Lucia…

1. Go on easy, educational nature trails
Saint Lucia is a great place for your children to connect with nature through wholesome, educational activities. The Tet Paul Nature Trail is one of the easiest walks on the island and is suitable for people of all ages. No hiking boots are necessary, and you can take the trail at your own pace and be rewarded with a view of the entire island. If you opt for a guided tour, you can expect it to take around 40 minutes and be filled with fascinating stories about the island’s history and its incredible biodiversity. The 360-degree views on this trail make for a perfect background for family photographs. Dual citizenship in Saint Lucia for families hiking  
2. Have kid-friendly underwater adventures
Saint Lucia’s seaside activities are a major drawcard for kids of all ages and Marigot Bay is a popular beach with something for everyone. The shallow waters and calm surf make it ideal for little ones to snorkel and play while the adults join in or relax on the beach. If you’d like to expose your kids to some of the 25 varieties of whale and dolphin in the area, then look no further than Hackshaw’s whale-watching cruise. This is an unique opportunity to see magnificent sea creatures in their natural habitat instead of an aquarium.   Dual citizenship in Saint Lucia for families dolphin
3. Play in Splash Island Water Park
Splash Island Water Park, located on popular Reduit Beach, is a guaranteed highlight for everyone who visits Saint Lucia. Every member of your family over the age of six can have a thrilling time at this incredible open-water sports park – the first of its kind in the Caribbean. Giant inflatable obstacles and a trampoline, climbing wall, monkey bars, swing, and slide offer hours of laughter – and a decent workout – for the entire family. Dual citizenship in Saint Lucia for families splash  
4. Explore the island on horseback
Take your kids on a horseback adventure through the island on a guided tour. The intriguing stories you’ll hear, coupled with the panoramic views, make it a worthwhile and educational time for all. Atlantic Shores Riding Stables is close to Honeymoon Beach and the horses are well-behaved and suitable for inexperienced riders. With 450 acres of scenic terrain, plantations, and beaches to ride on, this is a great alternative to long walks on foot with your children. Dual citizenship in Saint Lucia for families horse riding  
5. Go to Hotel Chocolat
With a guided chocolate discovery tour, and lots of taste-testing in between, Hotel Chocolat truly is a kid’s paradise! It is located in the centre of Soufriere, a quaint town worth exploring before or after the tour. The whole family will get to learn about the chocolate-making process and why this delicious treat is such an important trade good in Saint Lucia. The grand finale of the tour involves making your own chocolate from scratch, which is an especially sweet family experience.
6. Zoom on a zipline!
The rainforest is an exciting place to visit and speeding over the canopy on a zipline makes it even more of an adventure! Experienced guides and strict safety protocols ensure that this whirlwind activity is as secure as it is fun. If you have very young children, you’ll need to keep in mind that the minimum height to ride the zipline is 50”. An open gondola tour, or an aerial tram, are the perfect alternatives to ziplining, allowing you to experience the delights of the rainforest at a slower pace. Treetop Adventure Park, Rainforest Adventures Saint Lucia, and Morne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park are some of the best places to go for these rainforest activities.   Dual citizenship in Saint Lucia for families zipline
7. General safety in Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia is not overcrowded, and the population consists of approximately 180 000 people. The local people are hospitable and welcoming, and the island has a low crime rate. However, like anywhere on earth, it is important to use common sense when travelling. Avoid walking alone at night in unlit areas, for example, and choose to visit isolated places in large groups. The tourism industry works closely with the authorities in Saint Lucia to make the island as safe as possible for everyone.
Saint Lucia is a family island
Staying in a new country with children – whether relocating or on holiday – doesn’t have to be daunting; especially if that country is a safe, welcoming, kid-friendly island like Saint Lucia. If you would like to hear more about the best Caribbean citizenship by investment option for families, then reach out to us today.