Austrian Citizenship by Exceptional Achievement

Explore the benefits of acquiring Austrian citizenship through investment opportunities, opening doors to a vibrant European lifestyle.

One of Europe’s wealthiest nations, Austria is one of the few Western European countries that offers the opportunity to obtain Citizenship by Exceptional achievements and a European passport without prior residence requirements.

Austria boasts a service-driven and well-established economy as well as strong commercial ties with Eastern, South-eastern and central Europe. With Vienna as its capital, Austria is consistently recognised for its exceptional quality of life. Its pristine environment, world-class infrastructure and economic stability make it an unmatched living environment.

Austrian Citizenship by Exceptional Achievement

Austrian Citizenship by Exceptional Achievement is a programme that allows anyone to obtain Austrian citizenship in exchange for a significant financial commitment to the country.

Austria’s Citizenship by Exceptional Achievement application process consists of four phases:

  • Phase 1: Applicant Background and Narrative
  • Phase 2: Onboarding and Project Selection
  • Phase 3: Project Implementation
  • Phase 4: Citizenship Application


Citizenship by Exceptional Achievement in Austria requires applicants to exhibit a genuine interest in becoming Austrian citizens by demonstrating and/or creating ties to the country.

In addition, exceptional achievements must be demonstrated in one of the following areas: science, sports, arts, or business.

Achievements in business can be philanthropic in nature:

  • Causes that are in the interest of the country and the Austrian people
  • Initial investment with limited ROI
  • Example: Bringing scientific achievements to Austria and funding continued research – developing patents or intellectual property, which is then sold or leased to continue funding the cause.

Minimum investment: EUR4-5 million

Benefits of Austrian Citizenship

Austrian citizenship stands as a symbol of prestige and opportunity, offering a myriad of benefits to those who embrace it. From economic advantages to quality of life enhancements, the benefits of holding Austrian citizenship are numerous and diverse.

Economic Prosperity

One of the primary benefits of Austrian citizenship is access to the robust Austrian economy and the broader European Union market. As an Austrian citizen, individuals can freely engage in business activities, seek employment opportunities, and benefit from the stability and growth potential of the Austrian economy. Moreover, citizenship opens doors to various social security benefits, ensuring a secure financial future for citizens and their families.

Enhanced Global Mobility

Austrian citizenship grants individuals the privilege of visa-free travel to numerous countries worldwide. As a citizen of the European Union, Austrian passport holders can enjoy seamless travel within the Schengen Area and beyond, making international business dealings, leisure travel, and cultural exploration effortless and convenient.

High-Quality Education and Healthcare

Austria boasts a world-class education system and healthcare infrastructure, both of which are accessible to its citizens. From prestigious universities to state-of-the-art medical facilities, Austrian citizens have access to top-tier educational opportunities and quality healthcare services, ensuring the well-being and development of themselves and their families.

Austria provides a wide range of educational possibilities, from primary to university level, from public to private. Numerous Austrian universities are regarded among the top in Europe, and the country’s education system is renowned for its high quality. Austria’s healthcare system is well recognised as one of the best in the world. The nation boasts a robust public healthcare system, and its residents can access various medical treatments. Private healthcare is also available to those who desire it.

Cultural Enrichment

Austria is a country rich in culture and history, known for its classical music, operas, art galleries, and picturesque landscapes. By becoming an Austrian citizen, individuals can immerse themselves in this vibrant cultural tapestry, attending world-renowned music festivals, exploring historic sites, and enjoying the diverse culinary delights that Austria has to offer.

Citizenship for Life

Austrian citizenship gives you the right to live and work in the country for life, plus civic entitlements like voting, free healthcare and the right to hold an Austrian passport.

Entitlement to Dual Citizenship

Unlike other countries, Austria has no restrictions on dual citizenship. Consequently, you don’t need to relinquish your original nationality in order to become an Austrian citizen.

Ability to Pass on Citizenship

As an Austrian citizen, you’ll also be able to pass on your citizenship rights to your descendants. This allows them to enjoy all the same benefits and in turn safeguards your family’s future. Austrian citizens have the right to vote and take part in federal politics.

Exclusive Selection Process

Austria coat of arms

Austrian Citizenship by Exceptional Achievement is not available to everyone. Some certain restrictions and requirements must be met before an individual can apply for the programme.

General Requirements

  • Aged 18 or over
  • Sufficient funds to make the investment
  • Documentation to prove that all investment capital is legally sourced
  • Documentation to prove that personal record is clean and exceptional
  • Clean criminal record
  • No language requirement
  • No residency requirement

Additionally, the Austrian government may deny an application if it suspects that the applicant’s intentions are not genuine or that the applicant poses a security risk to the country. Therefore, providing accurate and complete information in the application is important to avoid delays or denials.

Those seeking citizenship in a developed European nation with a good standard of living and robust economy should take advantage of the Austria Citizenship by Exceptional Achievement programme. The programme gives the investor and their family members a road to citizenship and grants them access to live, work, and travel anywhere in the European Union. In addition to having first-rate healthcare and educational systems, Austria has a vibrant culture, a long history, and a wide choice of leisure opportunities.