CBI Enables New Housing Projects in Dominica

The most significant iteration of the Resettlement Programme is the Bellevue Chopin Housing Project, which will establish a modern housing community for residents affected by the Storm and qualifying locals such as young professionals.

The Project will feature a farmers’ market, outdoor recreational areas, and 340 residential units, of which 180 will be specially reserved for families left destitute after the Storm. Several home ownership schemes will also be on offer to ensure fairness and affordability during the allocation process, such as low or zero interest loans and subsidised lease schemes.

Speaking on the construction scheme, Bellevue Chopin’s project manager stated: “The Government of Dominica has a requirement to build 1,000 homes to meet its long-term housing needs and this new development is an example of how being creative with project planning can give rise to complete new communities rather than isolated housing units.”

The success of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme has been instrumental to improving the lives of local citizens through public and private sector development. The Programme, which has existed since 1993, affords foreigners the option to donate US$100,000 to Dominica’s Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) or to purchase real estate valued at a minimum of US$200,000 in return for Dominican citizenship. Known for its transparent procedures, the Dominica Programme applies stringent vetting on each candidate for citizenship, evaluating both personal and business records prior to issuing an approval.

The Bellevue Chopin site is already bustling with construction workers, readying the project for completion at the end of 2017.