CBI Programme Integral to St Kitts and Nevis’ Long-term Development, Says Prime Minister

Prime Minister Dr the Honourable Timothy Harris has praised his nation’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme as a significant ingredient of the country’s ongoing growth and development, noting its potential to “bring benefits to the next generation for another 30 years.”

On account of this potential, the CBI Programme recently went through a rebranding process, and the Government introduced a 24/7 case management system for CBI applications. Starting in 2015, a more rigorous and robust due diligence system was also introduced, boosting the Programme’s appeal.

The strongest due diligence programme

Prime Minister Harris describes the CBI Programme as unique, offering a ‘platinum standard’ and ensuring that “the strongest due diligence programme and policies [are] in place.”

Alongside the Federal Cabinet, Prime Minister Harris is also considering new investment opportunities for applicants in growing industries such as alternative energy, entrepreneurship, tourism, and education. Looking towards the future, Dr Harris says he is focusing on options that will make a “contribution to the next generation.”

With the aim of ensuring long-term sustainability, the Prime Minister spoke of the legacy that will be left behind, for example by using alternative energy over fossil fuels – something that will lead to “…sources of energy that preserve our environmental and our system’s health, and at the same time sources of energy that are renewable and affordable.”