China’s Educational Investment in Dominica

China’s Educational Investment in Dominica

Chinese Ambassador Lin Xianjiang announces advanced school construction as part of China’s educational investment in Dominica.  

A transformative partnership

Chinese Ambassador Lin Xianjiang recently unveiled an ambitious plan to reshape Dominica’s educational landscape as part of China’s educational investment in Dominica. 

He declared that upon completion, the Goodwill Secondary School (GSS) and five other primary schools, currently under construction with China’s support, will stand as the Caribbean’s most advanced educational institutions, and a remarkable milestone in Dominica.

A Vision for Advanced Education

Chinese Ambassador Lin Xianjiang’s ambitious plan to revolutionise Dominica’s educational system is poised to make the nation a leader in the Caribbean region.

During the groundbreaking ceremony for this transformative project, Ambassador Lin outlined a vision that extends far beyond traditional education.

The six schools currently under construction are:

  1. GSS
  2. Thibaud Primary School
  3. Tete Morne Primary School
  4. An extension of Sineku Primary School
  5. Calibishie Primary School
  6. A new school catering to students from Bellevue Chopin, Pichelin, and Petite Savanne regions in Dominica.

Building Foundations for Vitality 

As a crucial role in uplifting the education sector in post-hurricane recovery and development, Ambassador Lin is spearheading the construction of state-of-the-art educational institutions with China’s assistance.

In recognising education as the bedrock of development and vitality, Ambassador Lin emphasised the urgent need for modern schools in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

The new educational facilities, constructed by China’s Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), are meticulously designed to provide Dominican children with a contemporary, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing learning environment.

Dominica’s Diplomatic Friendship with China 

This educational transformation is not only about infrastructure; it symbolises the deep-rooted diplomatic ties between Dominica and China that have flourished over the years. Ambassador Lin highlighted that this endeavour is not just about infrastructure but also underscores the enduring diplomatic friendship between China and Dominica. Essentially, a shared commitment to uplifting the lives of Dominicans through educational developments.

A Decade of Achievements

Reflecting on the past decade since the establishment of diplomatic relations, Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit celebrated the notable achievements that have reshaped Dominica’s economy.

These achievements span various sectors, including infrastructure, education, and technical cooperation, making a tangible impact on the lives of the island nation’s citizens.

In a period of decade, Dominica has witnessed substantial progress and development across multiple sectors. This is largely thanks to the partnership with China. They include:

Infrastructure Development

Dominica has witnessed a wave of infrastructure development, including the construction of the State College, the State House, and apartment complexes in Bath Estate and Elmshall.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new Newtown Primary School marked a significant milestone in education infrastructure, providing modern and conducive learning environments.

Transportation Transformation

The West Coast Road project has been transformative for transportation infrastructure, greatly improving connectivity across the island. Enhanced transportation networks are vital for economic growth.

Educational Exchange and Technical Cooperation

Dominica has experienced a surge in educational exchange with China. The number of Dominican students studying in China has risen significantly, fostering cultural exchange and knowledge sharing. Multiple technical cooperation agreements have been signed, solidifying the relationship and promoting collaboration in various fields.

Humanitarian Assistance

China’s support has extended to humanitarian aid, particularly after the impact of Storm Ophelia. Commitment include rebuilding homes and constructing a new bridge in the Layou Park. 

A Strong and Meaningful Partnership

Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Skerrit expressed heartfelt gratitude for China’s unwavering friendship and generous support over the past 19 years. This support has varied from sports, infrastructure, agriculture, and health, to now, education.  

The enduring partnership has not only resulted in tangible development but has also deepened the bonds of friendship and cooperation. 

CARICOM and Regional Prosperity 

Dominica’s role within CARICOM adds further significance to these developments. Essentially by aligning with the organisation’s mission to enhance the quality of life for all Caribbean citizens.

Honourable Dr. Skerrit’s role as CARICOM Chairman underscores the broader regional implications of Dominica’s development initiatives. He once again has reinforced the importance of regional cooperation and prosperity.





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