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Many families and business owners who aspire to become global citizens, chose Second Citizenship as their Plan B.

Citizenship by Investment is the process in which an applicant invests in a country in exchange for its citizenship. There usually are two routes to acquiring a country’s citizenship – either donating to its government fund or investing in selected real estate options.

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Reach places easier and faster

Give your loved ones a secure future

What is Citizenship

by Investment?

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment is a world-leading programme within the investor immigration industry, credited to its efficiency and transparency.

Dominica's is the most family-friendly, affordable programme. The latest update allows the inclusion of additional family members, making it even more appealing to investors.

Minimum investment

US$ 100K

Family investment

US$ 175K

Visa-free travel

140 countries

Processing time

90 days

Dominica Citizenship by Investment

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Citizenship by Investment

New Business Opportunities

Better Quality of Life

Improved personal and financial security

Increased Global Mobility

Benefits of Dominican Citizenship

The Best CBI Programme in the World

Dominica has been recognised as the world’s best Citizenship by Investment Programme for the fourth consecutive year by PWM’s FT Specialist CBI Index.

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At CS Global Partners, we offer the best legal advice to investors seeking a plan B through citizenship by investment. Our expertise is reliable, complete, and flawless, meaning that governments trust that applicants submitted through us are of the highest quality.

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Our in-house legal team will help you complete the necessary application forms and provide the required documentation. Then, we handle the submission of the application on your behalf.

We take you step-by-step through the whole process, offering support and advice until you have successfully obtained citizenship and are ready to apply for the new passport.

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