Collaborate with International Immigration Companies on April 28th

An opportunity to collaborate with international immigration companies in USA, Europe, and the Caribbean.

You are invited to attend the IREX Business Connect Webinar on Tuesday 28th April at 5 PM IST – a platform for immigration consultants, investment specialists, and wealth managers to connect.

Get all the details you need on international investor immigration programmes, connect with major industry leaders, and explore new investment opportunities in the world of immigration.

How Will this Webinar Benefit You?

-An opportunity to educate B2B channel partners in India about residency and citizenship programmes
-Connect with international immigration companies from the Caribbean, the USA, Turkey, Malta, and Greece
-Appoint representatives in India to market your residency and citizenship programmes to their clients
-Explore new international investment opportunities for your clients
-The webinar will be attended by over 40 channel partners from all over India comprising Indian real estate/immigration agents, wealth managers, investment bankers, and more
-Webinar attendee data will be shared pre and post-webinar

Guest Speakers

1. Beatrice Gatti: Head of Government Advisory Practice at CS Global Partners, Caribbean

2.Matt Hogan: Vice President of Project Development at CMB Regional Centres, USA

3.Serhan Ayserver: Director of EMEA at BEYOND Residence & Citizenship, Turkey

Format of the Webinar & Registration

-Participation from 5 companies representing the Caribbean, the USA, Turkey, Malta, and Greece
-Total duration of the webinar: 2 hours starting at 5 PM IST (12:30 PM BST)
-Hear presentations about immigration programmes, their appeal to Indian citizens, and possible collaboration routes
-Ask your questions during the 10-minute Q&A sessions that will follow each presentation

Registration is FREE.

Register here to join the webinar. For additional details, please contact Vaibhav Gupta on +919999928496 or email at [email protected] for more details.