CS Global Partners hosts Global Opportunities​ breakfast in London

CS Global Partners recently hosted a breakfast in London to discuss global opportunities and present a guide to Citizenship by Investment in the Caribbean.



Industry experts, immigration law firms, private investment banks and investor immigrant agents joined the recent CS Global Partners breakfast at the Hotel Café Royal in London which showcased current global opportunities by presenting a comprehensive guide to the current citizenship by investment (CBI) climate in the Caribbean.

CS Global Partners London Breakfast 1

CS Global Partners’ Senior Legal Advisor, Catherine Coup presented the guide to CBI in the Caribbean and further expanded on how CS Global Partners helps facilitate these processes and also aids governments in marketing their respective CBI programmes.

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More about CS Global Partners

CS Global Partners is the world’s leading legal and marketing consultancy firm that promotes citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes on a global scale. We proudly focus on the programmes that we believe bring win-win solutions to governments and prospective citizens alike.​

Established in London in 2012 by lawyer, Micha-Rose Emmett, CS Global Partners remains headquartered in London, with offices across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.​

​CS Global Partners comprises a passionate team of experts from around the world, with professional and personal knowledge of what it means to want to find safety, stability, and a new home.​

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What CS Global Partners does for governments

Being entrusted to study, promote, develop, and market CBI programmes for various governments, we take pride in the way that we ensure these programmes remain sustainable, highly competitive, and robust.​

We are currently the official marketing promoter for the Dominica CBI Programme as well as the St Kitts and Nevis CBI Programme.

Caribbean countries: a cut above the rest

Coup showcased how the Caribbean countries have forged the way in the migration industry with their world-class CBI Programmes. She also touched on CBI Index rankings and the following features that make the CBI process in the Caribbean unique:

  • Low investment thresholds
  • No travel or residence requirements (except for Antigua and Barbuda)
  • An efficient processing time of around three to six months
  • Simplicity
  • Multi-layered Due Diligence approach
  • Wide family eligibility

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Outlining the application lifestyle

Attendees were given a full overview of how the application process works and the entire application lifestyle was covered. We follow an efficient and effective seven-step process when it comes to CBI programmes and investments.

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