CS Global Partners in the Khaleej Times

A CS Global Partners article was featured in the Khaleej Times’ “EU – Citizenship by Investment” supplement, published on 15 March 2020. The supplement focuses on Europe’s citizenship and residence by investment programmes, and provides information with which to compare investment thresholds, investor qualification requirements, and the merits of each available programme. The supplement also discusses the broader advantages that citizenship and residence by investment programmes bring to the countries implementing them.

CS Global Partners’ article, titled “Transforming lives through citizenship by investment,” considers the benefits of acquiring a second citizenship from the perspective of both the investor and the native citizens of citizenship by investment jurisdictions. The article argues that, for investors coming from countries gripped by political and economic turmoil, a second citizenship can be a valuable lifeline – particularly as their security, and that of their families, is threatened. For native citizens, investments made under the citizenship by investment programmes bolster the economic development of their countries, thereby improving their quality of life.

How can I find out more?

CS Global Partners’ article in the Khaleej Times supplement can be accessed here. For any other enquiries, please contact CS Global Partners for more information at [email protected].