Diversifying Your Portfolio with Citizenship by Investment

Diversifying Your Portfolio with Citizenship by Investment

As globalisation becomes more prolific, people are actively looking to obtain a second passport to diversify their portfolio.

As globalisation becomes more prolific, people are actively looking to obtain a second passport to help plan for a better life for their families and a safe landing for their wealth portfolio.

This global movement towards wealth diversification and securing a better future has become so prominent, that many high-net-worth individuals are resorting to citizenship by investment programmes as part of their forward financial planning.

With current global uncertainty, investors are concerned about future market volatility and the security of their wealth and assets within their home countries. This uncertainty further fuels the desire among wealthy individuals to incorporate second citizenship as part of their wealth and asset portfolios.

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What is Portfolio Diversification?

A fundamental aspect of successful investing is balancing your risk comfort level with your desirable growth rate and maturity expectations. Portfolio diversification is the first step in dispersing your investments so that your exposure is not limited to just one type of asset. This practice helps to reduce the volatility of your portfolio in the long run.

  1. Access To Key Business Hubs

For any businessperson wanting to grow their business on a global scale and dip into international markets, a second citizenship achieves this and more. Imagine being able to hop on a plane to an international business meeting and not worry about a visa!

  1. Investment in Real-estate

You can never go wrong by investing in real-estate through citizenship by investment. Aside from an instant income generator in the form of rentals from guests, you are also able to re-sell your property after a certain number of years for a profit, and still retain your citizenship in full.

  1. Procuring A Second Home

Making a sound financial investment is one thing, but investing through a second citizenship programme also offers the opportunity to secure a second dwelling for your family should the need arise to leave your current country of residence. You are making a substantial investment in your family’s future.

  1. Securing Your Wealth

Diversifying your wealth with citizenship by investment can also ensure that you retain a certain amount of your wealth outside of your home country. In uncertain political and economic climates, knowing that a portion of your portfolio is free from the grips of a potentially corrupt government gives investors tremendous peace of mind.

  1. Creating a Financial Windfall

Being able to plough a certain amount of wealth into an investment is all about the future and long term planning. No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow or the next day, but knowing that you have secured an asset, and one that will not only generate income but can be fully realised after a number of years, is one of the best reasons for distributing your wealth and getting a portion out of the country.

What is Citizenship by Investment?

Citizenship by investment programmes enable countries to grant lifetime citizenship to individuals and families in exchange for an investment into the country’s economy. This venture usually takes the form of either an investment into government-approved real estate, or a contribution to a government fund. These funds are in turn used to plough resources into areas of need including housing, education, healthcare and infrastructure. A veritable win-win situation all around.

Investment-savvy individuals are embracing these citizenship programmes with enthusiasm, creating a new investment classification and strategy for wealth and life planning.

Further to this, one of the major attractions for investors is the opportunity to expand their business footprint globally. Extending their reach into global and emerging markets, opening up further opportunities for investment and growth, and ultimately building their wealth portfolio. Citizenship by investment programmes offer more significant business influence, as well as magnified business, lifestyle and educational opportunities in a country protected from economic volatility and political unrest.

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