Dominica 2017: Resilience and Dynamism

In recognition of Dominica’s ongoing drive and determination to deliver a service of uncompromised quality, the Programme was ranked first in the world’s most comprehensive study of the industry, the CBI Index, which was launched by the Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management magazine.

Dominica was evaluated together with 11 other nations offering citizenship by investment, and ranked first, outclassing all its Caribbean and European competitors, as well as programmes in Asia and Africa.

It received perfect scores in four out of seven index components (minimum investment outlay, mandatory travel or residence, ease of processing, and due diligence), and commendable scores in all other components (citizenship timeline, freedom of movement, and standard of living).

There were few people left untouched by a cruel hurricane season in the Caribbean. And while Dominica bared the brunt of September’s unforgiving weather events, it has emerged a shining pillar of resilience and dynamism. Indeed the Citizenship by Investment Unit was among the first Government institutions to be back on its feet, resuming service less than a week after the hurricane reached the nation’s shoreline.

Exceptional service

This was not the first time in 2017 that Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme exemplified exceptional service. An online case management system and portal, accessible to Authorised Agents was launched to facilitate tracking and processing of applications. Additionally, streamlining and training resulted in shorter evaluation times for each application, and meant that processing fees were reduced.

A warm and welcoming programme, the Unit also broadened the scope of qualifying ‘dependants’, with the goal of encompassing, even more, family members than before. Dependants now include children aged up to 30 who are supported by the main applicant and are either unmarried daughters or in full-time attendance at a recognised institution of higher learning.

They also include the spouses of grandparents and parents aged 55 or over, despite them not being themselves over 55. Determined to better its offering, the Unit also enabled applicants the right to add a dependant after submitting their application but prior to approval in principle, as well as the right to remove a dependant after approval in principle but prior to the making of the investment.

2017 Fee Summary

Economic Diversification Fund Real Estate Investment Plus Government Fees
Single applicant: US$100,000
Main applicant plus spouse: US$175,000
Family of up to four (main applicant plus up to three dependants): US$200,000
Any additional dependant after the third dependant: US$25,000
Minimum real estate investment: US$200,000
Government Fees:
Single applicant: US$25,000
Main applicant plus spouse: US$35,000
Family of up to four (main applicant plus up to three dependants): US$35,000
Family of six (main applicant plus up to five dependants): US$50,000
Family of seven or more (main applicant plus six or more dependants): US$70,000