Dominica hosts the first match of West Indies vs India test series

The Commonwealth of Dominica recently hosted the inaugural cricket match of the test series between West Indies and India at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

Commencing on July 12, 2023, and concluding on July 16, 2023, this highly anticipated West Indies vs India test match marks a significant milestone for Dominica.

Did you know that cricket is the most popular sport in Dominica?

Putting Dominica on the world stage

Over the years, the government has made extensive investments into the sports sector in Dominica. It’s these efforts that have made the Island capable of hosting an international cricket event.  This not only boosts the tourism sector but also positions Dominica on the world stage, enhancing its global recognition and appeal.

Over the past decade, Dominica has encountered various challenges that diverted its trajectory. Nevertheless, the nation has exhibited resilience and determination, propelling itself towards new phases of development. The test series serves as a catalyst for the development of this small island developing state, fostering a multiplier effect that extends far beyond the cricket grounds.

The hosting of this world-famous cricket match acts as a pivotal event that showcases Dominica’s potential as an attractive destination for investment. The successful host of the test series by Dominica has helped highlight its capabilities, resources, and commitment to creating a favourable environment for economic growth and international collaborations.

As cricket enthusiasts and spectators gathered at Windsor Park Sports Stadium, Dominica not only celebrated the sporting event but also embraced the opportunity to showcase its natural beauty, hospitality, and investment potential to a global audience. This strategic move positions Dominica as a compelling and viable choice for individuals and businesses seeking promising opportunities in the Caribbean region.

Besides this, two players named Alick Athanaze and Kavem Hodge are also representing Dominica in the Indian men’s tour of the West Indies.

Impressive Debut of Alick Athanaze

Alick Athanaze had an impressive debut on Day 1 of the first test against India as he scored the highest runs from West Indies. He made 47 runs, including one six, and six boundaries.

Day 2 also turned out great for Athanaze, who got the big wicket of Rohit Sharma in Dominica as he sent him back to the pavilion at his 100. Athanaze is a famous West Indies Batting all-rounder who hails from Grand Bay, Dominica.

Windsor Park Sports Stadium- Upgraded for best

The Windsor Park Sports Stadium, situated in the capital city of Roseau, was upgraded last year. The sports division of Dominica has refurbished the lawn. Also, new electronic scoreboards were installed at the Windsor Park Stadium, and before this installation, a protective structure was built to assure the safety of the scoreboard, ensuring its resilience.

The country has been building stronger sporting infrastructure and bodies such as committees and clubs to work for the betterment of this field. The three sports courts were also installed at the Windsor Park Stadium in 2021.

Last year, the stadium also hosted the T201 Bangladesh tour of the West Indies. Before these matches, the stadium also staged four international matches; the first was a One Day International (ODI) played between West Indies and Bangladesh in the year 2009, and the second, also an ODI, which was played between West Indies and South Africa in 2010.

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Dominica, the Investment Destination

The hosting of such events, the construction of the international airport, and several five-star eco-resorts in the country are marking a major economic boom, providing investors with enticing opportunities to invest in the ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’.

Dominica is attracting the attention of global investors seeking hassle-free travel privileges and opportunities to expand their business globally. The development of infrastructure and the growing interest from HNWIs have contributed towards significant growth in Dominica as a prominent travel destination in the world.

On top of that, the country that was once shattered by nature’s fury during Hurricane Maria rose back to life and is now pacing towards a brighter, climate-resilient future. The entire scenario has positioned the country as one of the ideal platforms for investment and securing the future.

More and more investors are looking for ways to become a citizen of Dominica. Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme has turned out to be the platform which offers numerous benefits such as stability and diversified new markets.

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Dominica CBI Programme: A international Plan B

Launched in 1993, Dominica’s CBI Programme gives investors the possibility to obtain citizenship in exchange for a financial contribution. It should come as no surprise that offering Dominican citizenship through investment has increased in popularity in recent years.

Dual citizenship has come up with many advantages, such as business and investment opportunities and portfolio diversification. The nation provides a wide range of novel opportunities and experiences, such as complete residency, with the ability to work, joining a community that is larger than the borders of Dominica, including diverse travel options to other countries.