Dominica invites travel agents to become island experts

Discover Dominica Authority, Dominica’s official tourism organisation, has relaunched its online training programme for international travel advisors. The training programme gives travel agents and partners a holistic view of the breathtaking and multi-faceted island.

Travel agents can become island experts and essentially There are opportunities for travel agents to promote Dominica to their existing and new clients. 

Discover Dominica Authority’s online training is free and split into five modules: 

  1. Discover Dominica 
  2. Land Adventures for All
  3. Water Adventure for All
  4. Where to Stay, Events and Cuisines 
  5. Selling Dominica 

Discover Dominica Authority marketing manager, Kimberley King, said that

“The continued engagement of the travel professional community forms a key strategy for the destination, where their product knowledge is essential given the critical role, they play in the travel industry.”

Visit Dominica

Dominica is a tropical country that can be the perfect getaway for a summer vacation!  

The island offers unmatched adventure experiences, which is an opportunity for travel agents to explore the Nature Isle of the Caribbean.

American tourists can now fly directly from Miami, United States (US) to Dominica through American Airlines on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. This information is a key selling point n advantage for travel agents to share with tourist seeking a summer getaway.

This is one of many ways the Government of Dominica aim to increase connectivity to the world, including the construction of the International Airport that has commenced in Dominica that will boost the tourism sector.

Dominica is considered one of the Caribbean’s ideal destinations for tourists and usually experiences a spike in tourism between June to August.  

The island is coated with lush forestry, scenic volcanoes, mesmerising waterfalls, lakes and the world’s second-largest natural hot springs. Travel agents can discover unique flora and fauna, along with two parrot species that can only be found on the island. 

Travel agents are welcomed to discover Dominica

Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Travel agents can explore the national park that covers just over six thousand hectares, which is about 9 per cent of Dominica.

UNESCO has officiated the national park as a World Heritage site. It boasts remarkable natural features including five volcanoes, hot springs, fifty fumaroles, three freshwater lakes, and the boiling lake.

Emerald Pool 

The charming pools are fed by fresh mountain water from a forty-foot waterfall. The water appears emerald green and glisters under the sun.

Emerald Pool can be found in Morne Trois Piton National Park, ten minutes from Roseau, making it the most accessible waterfall in the national park. 

Morne Diablotins National Park 

This is Dominica’s third national park and covers just over three thousand hectares. 

It is also home to two Dominican parrot species that are not found anywhere else in the world. These are the Sisserou (Amazona imperialism) – Dominica’s National Bird and the Jaco Red-necked Parrot (Amazone arasiaca). 

Middleham Falls 

This is Dominica’s tallest waterfall located in the Morne Trois Piton National Park, through the Middleham Falls trail. Adventurers can hike through the dense rainforest and gaze at the magnificent waterfall. 

Titou Gorge 

Translated from French meaning “Little Hole” is a tranquil swimming hole with fresh water that can be found on the mountain-top of Laudat. The gorge has refreshing emerald water that flows down mountain creeks.

The gorge featured in Pirates of the Caribbean movie, in an iconic scene where Captain Jack Sparrow tumbles down the gorge into a vine cage. 

Venture up the canyon that leads to a serene emerald oasis that is surrounded by exotic birds and tropical trees. 

Get involved

Travel agents that take part of the free programme will become Dominica specialists after completing the course. They will also be automatically entering a draw prize. Travel agents can visit Discover Dominica for more information.