Citizenship by Investment

Dominica Passport

Upon becoming a citizen of Dominica through its Citizenship by Investment Programme, an economic citizen can apply for a passport at the Passport Office. It is also possible for that economic citizen to appoint a third party to apply on his or her behalf. Applications for a passport can be submitted as soon as citizenship is received.

What are the benefits of a Dominica passport?

Dominican passports are CARICOM passports that are issued to citizens of Dominica for international travel. Dominica passport holders enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to about 140 countries and territories worldwide.

Ordinary Dominican passports are valid for 10 years if issued to a person aged 16 or over and are valid for five years for children under the age of 16. They can be renewed at the Passport Office in Roseau (Dominica’s capital city) or at a Dominica High Commission, Embassy, or Consulate.

What is the Dominica passport application process?

The passport application process is separate from the citizenship by investment process, and requires the applicant to present a number of documents, including, but not limited to, a certified copy of the applicant’s Certificate of Naturalisation – the document that is issued to an economic citizen at the end of the citizenship by investment process.

How to re-apply for a Dominica passport

Every time Dominican passport holders re-apply for a passport (for example, because their old passport has expired), they must present their old Dominica passport. This will be cancelled upon issuance of the new passport.

CS Global Partners assists clients who wish to obtain citizenship of Dominica, providing them with the guidance and commitment they need to see their application processed seamlessly. Our team then ensures that clients who obtain their citizenship also apply for, and receive, Dominican passports.