Dominica’s Coulibri Ridge one of the world’s best new hotels

Dominica’s Coulibri Ridge has been named one of the world’s best new hotels on the Conde Nast Traveler’s 27th annual Hot List. 



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With breathtaking beaches, awe-inspiring jungles and an inviting culture, there is something for everyone on the Nature Isle. Dominica’s Coulibri Ridge showcases how, through hard work and strategic decision making,  the country successfully merges luxury and sustainability.

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What makes Dominica’s Coulibri Ridge so special?

Dominica's Coulibri Ridge resort

Conde Nast Travelers is one of the top global travel media brands and captures Coulibri Ridge in a nutshell:

“This sleek eco-resort is proof positive that a sustainable stay doesn’t have to be a bare-bones experience; it can be luxurious and pampering, too”.

The magnificent retreat sits on a mountain ridge in southern Dominica. The 285 acres location was chosen after years of environmental testing. It was important to harness the island’s abundant sun, wind and rain at every opportunity. In fact, the uniquely designed roofs allow for the collection of rain water that is then purified via UV light and copper ionization and used in the two chlorine free pools and the 14 suites.

Coulibri Ridge is a luxury resort that has been applauded for its brilliant combination of luxury, hospitality and sustainability. Sustainability plays a huge role in Dominica’s quest to be the world’s first climate-resilient nation.

More about the breathtaking Dominica

Dominica boasts a pristine coastline, acres of unspoiled tropical rainforest, incredible marine biodiversity and a number of natural hot springs thanks to its volcanic origin. It is also home to the Caribbean’s longest hiking trail. The Waitukubuli National Trail is 115 miles long! Dominica also has the Caribbean’s only sea-kayaking trail where kayakers can spend days exploring the coastline.

Sustainability is a big focus for this small island nation that will delight eco-conscious travellers. Being able to make this tropical paradise a home away from home is an exciting prospect made possible by Dominica’s Real Estate Investment option. 

Dominica’s Real Estate option

The aptly named ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’ offers a sustainable real estate option that is difficult to resist because of the unique advantage that it presents: citizenship. The benefits of investing in Dominica’s real estate far outweigh what most other countries can offer. These options are great for potential investors and are not only luxurious, but also eco-friendly.

Citizenship by Investment in Dominica via their Real Estate Option

By purchasing a unit in an Approved Project worth at least US$200,000, you can obtain Dominican citizenship in as little as three months. Investing in Dominica is preferable to purchasing real estate in other countries owing to the incredible benefits you receive by becoming a citizen. Additionally, you will also be contributing to Dominica’s climate resilience goals and enjoying luxurious accommodation too. In addition to the minimum investment amount, a government fee of US$25,000 is also applicable for a single applicant.

If you are including family members in your application, the government fee will range between US$25,000 and US$70,000 depending on how many people are included. Real estate must be held for either three years from the date your citizenship is granted. If the future purchaser is also a citizenship by investment applicant, five years from the date your citizenship is granted.

Three  luxurious government-approved eco-resorts that you can invest in today:

Dominica's Coulibri Ridge Real Estate

1. Jungle Bay Dominica
2. Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa
3. Secret Bay

Unlike real estate options all over the world, investing in Dominican real estate allows you to reap all the benefits of investing in a property – and becoming a citizen of the country too. The attractive investment returns and lifetime citizenship are invaluable elements to consider. Knowing that you are contributing to Dominica’s goal to become climate-resilient is another consideration in favour of this investment option.

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme has been ranked as the number one CBI initiative for six consecutive years by the CBI Index published by the Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management (PWM) magazine. If you’re interested in hearing more about Dominica Citizenship by Investment, and the numerous benefits it offers, we encourage you to speak to one of our specialists at your earliest convenience.