What Are The Requirements For The Caribbean Programmes?

Family Eligibility

All main applicants for citizenship, but not their accompanying family members, must be 18 years of age or over. All applicants, including main applicants and their dependants, must be of good character, which means that they must have no criminal record and have a clean source of funds.

All family members must also be able to show that they are in good health.

Additional requirements for Antigua and Barbuda

Although most Caribbean countries do not require applicants to travel to or reside in their country in order to obtain second citizenship, Antigua and Barbuda does. Applicants who wish to renew their citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda must travel to the country in order to take the oath of allegiance, and they must physically reside in Antigua and Barbuda for a minimum of five days within five years of receiving their citizenship.

Children, however, do not need to fulfil this requirement until they turn 18 years old. Further, no prior business experience needs to be demonstrated in order to obtain CBI in any Caribbean country.

Additionally, no Caribbean jurisdiction that offers CBI requires applicants to take any language or cultural tests to qualify for citizenship.

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