Investment migration industry – all you need to know

Investment migration industry – all you need to know

More and more High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWIs) are looking for different places to call home. The globe as we know it has changed and the pandemic, politics and climate change have played a big part in that. Subsequently, it isn’t surprising that the investment migration industry is booming. We look at why individuals want the freedom to work, travel, study and feel at home wherever they choose and the industry that’s been built around this need.



Let’s break down a few key concepts and explain all you need to know about the investment migration industry.

What is investment migration?

Investment migration is a broad term used to describe the process where HNWIs seek foreign investment opportunities that come with additional benefits. These benefits include residency or citizenship. There are many countries that offer citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes where investors can choose an investment programme and in return, gain possible citizenship to that country.

These offers are mutually beneficial for the applicants as well as the destination countries as the investment brings in valuable debt-free capital that is vital to the country and the applicant receives many benefits in return.

Did you know that the industry of Investment migration dates to over 30 years? The first modern citizenship by investment programme was launched in 1984 in the Caribbean by St Kitts & Nevis. 

Don’t worry if some of the terms seem overwhelming or complicated. We’ve put together this nifty guide of Frequently Used Terms in the Immigration Investment Industry.

What are the benefits of citizenship by investment?

At CS Global Partners, we can advise you on the best course of action to suit your individual objectives. While the path to dual citizenship may differ according to the needs of each applicant, the benefits of CBI are undeniably attractive for everyone. Here’s why many people are seeking CBI within the investment migration industry:

  • Economic opportunity
  • Family reunification
  • Improved security – both professionally and personally
  • Sense of community
  • Domestic wellbeing
  • Health and education

You can read more about these benefits of dual citizenship here. 

How does it work?

CBI programmes offer the opportunity for reputable individuals to legally obtain a new citizenship in return for an investment in the economy of the host country.

Although each programme has its own requirements, here are some of the most common ones for applicants to meet:

  • Aged 18 or above
  • Clean criminal record
  • Invest in a government-approved option, for example a government bond, a government fund or a real estate option
  • Ability to show the legal source of the funds invested

We’ve put together this article to show which countries offer CBI programmes and to explain how many citizenships you can have.

Who makes up the investment migration industry?

There are three main players in the investment migration industry, namely:

  1. Marketing agents
  2. Authorised agents
  3. Promoters or sub agents

Marketing agents are experts in the investment migration industry with the main goal of assisting clients to choose the correct CBI option. They are well known in the industry and have great respect from both the client as well as government side as they introduce a lot of clients to the perfect investment opportunity for them.

An Authorised Agent or Person is licensed by the government, has an office in the country, and falls under the government’s jurisdiction. They act on an applicant’s behalf when applying for citizenship by investment. Importantly, they are the only entities licensed to submit citizenship by investment applications to, and communicate directly with, the Citizenship by Investment Unit.

Sub Agents act as a bridge between applicants and the Authorised Agent. As Authorised Agents cannot reach all target locations, they appoint a Sub Agent to reach clients.

Authorised Agents or Persons have Sub Agents located across the world, which assist in marketing the programmes, and also assist individuals applying for second citizenship. Sub Agents work closely with Authorised Agents to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest programme requirements.

Not all programmes are created equal

Effective due diligence, when it comes to any CBI programme, is critical. These processes verify an investor’s identity, background, financial status and reputation. More importantly, it aims to clarify whether the wealth of the applicants is acquired through legitimate means and to identify valid sources of income.

Unfortunately, fraudulent CBI programmes are all too common. As a result, it can be hard for would-be applicants to determine whether or not their programme of choice is legitimate. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, which highlights some key questions which can help you identify legal citizenship programmes.

The main questions you should be asking are:
  • Does the government endorse the programme?
  • Does the programme do its due diligence?
  • Is the citizenship offer too inexpensive?
  • Is the programme written in a nation’s law and regulations?
  • Is the agent or service provider recognised as an official government representative?

CS Global Partners – an investment migration industry expert

CS Global Partners has been successfully empowering individuals with sustainable solutions for over a decade. With our expert guidance, we can help you navigate the path to building a brighter future for yourself and your family through second citizenship.

When asked what the key advantages of partnering with CS Global Partners are, Kumar Pratik, client manager said:

“Absolute peace of mind that they are working with the best in the industry, evidenced by the fact we hold exclusive mandates to promote three of the world’s best citizenship by investment programmes. Once they hand over a client, they remain in the know. Our legal processing team take care of all their clients’ needs during and after the application. We have honed our skills over the years working in complex situations. Our in-house team makes the application process as smooth and seamless as possible.”

If you would like to partner with us, please contact us on [email protected].

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