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FAQ - 16

Are there any other fees that I need to be aware of?

Cost of second citizenship

The overall cost of a second citizenship ultimately depends on the country’s programme. Citizenship by investment fees can vary, even in the Caribbean. Every Caribbean country charges due diligence fees to cover the cost of performing high level due diligence on each applicant. Main applicants usually pay $7,500 for due diligence whereas the fees for family members are lower and in most cases no fee is levied for children under the age of 16. Some, but not all, Caribbean countries charge processing fees and application fees and some include bank transaction fees and VAT.

Grenada Vs Antigua & Barbuda

Grenada is the only country to levy fees on spouses even when they are not included in a citizenship by investment application. Payment of a government fee is required by all applicants who choose the real estate investment route. However, Antigua and Barbuda charges government processing fees on both direct contributions and real estate investments. In Antigua and Barbuda, 10% of these fees are due upon submission and are non-refundable.

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