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video series, we answer common questions on the investor immigration industry to provide all you need to know about citizenship by investment and residence by investment programmes.

FAQ - 5

Citizenship by investment Vs Residence by investment

Citizenship by investment:

Citizenship by Investment Programmes result in a successful applicant gaining citizenship of a country. This generally does not require an applicant to spend any time in that country.

Residence by investment:

Residence by Investment Programmes, however, result in successful applicant gaining residence of a country. That is the right to live and work in a country. Residency can easily be taken away if a person fails to fulfil certain conditions. Often there are minimal physical presence requirements attached to a person’s ability to retain their residence rights. It is worth nothing that a person obtaining citizenship of a country does not necessarily mean they have obtained residence of a country because residence requires physical presence in a country. The most popular Residency by Investment Programmes are those of Singapore, Portugal and Greece and are commonly referred to as Golden Visa programmes.

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