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FAQ - 8

How do I apply for citizenship by investment?

How to apply?

It depends on the country you choose but most countries require that you apply through an authorised agent who has been approved by the government of that country. Authorised agents are familiar with the country’s citizenship by investment programme and they can guide you through the citizenship process.

Authorised Agents

A list of all authorised agents is available on each country’s citizenship by investment website. All Caribbean citizenship by investment countries require that you apply through an authorised agent.

Sub Agent

This is different to a sub-agent, which acts as a bridge between the applicant and the authorised agent. Sub-agents work with the authorised agent to remain up to date with the latest programme requirements and often will be the first filter in a multi-layered process of due diligence checks.

The Process

Once undergoing the application process, the applicant is then subject to due diligence checks in order to ensure that only those of high moral character become citizens of the nation. They will also then need to make their qualifying investment which differs for each nation. For example, in the Caribbean, the citizenship by investment fee can range from $100,000 to $200,000, excluding additional fees.  

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