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FAQ - 23

How does one gain citizenship?

Different types of citizenship

Citizenship can be granted in several different scenarios including from birth, naturalisation, marriage or through specific investment programmes.
Jus soli
Known as birth-right citizenship, refers to the process of granting citizenship to an individual at birth. Roughly, more than 30 countries around the world recognise this form of citizenship including the United States.
Jus sanguinis
This is the most common form of citizenship and is determined by an individuals parents. This means that if one parent is born within a country, a child is usually eligible for citizenship of that nation too. The Latin phrase translates to “right of blood”.
Jus matrimonii
This bestows citizenship through marriage. However, rules may differ depending on the country on how long a couple must be married before an individual can acquire citizenship.
This is another common route to gaining citizenship. Non-citizens who have been in a country long enough or those who apply through legal means like asylum can gain citizenship but may be subjected to taking a test. This can come in the form of language, history or cultural tests.
Citizenship by Investment
A number of countries also offer citizenship to those who make an investment into its economy, the process only accepts those who can demonstrate a clean source of funds and can pass the necessary security checks.

Concept of citizenship

The concept of citizenship has evolved since its inception with many individuals now choosing to hold multiple citizenships to reflect the many countries they may have a connection to. However, while some countries recognise and allow their citizens to hold dual citizenship, there are many countries that require you to renounce your citizenship if taking up a new one.

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