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video series, we answer common questions on the investor immigration industry to provide all you need to know about citizenship by investment and residence by investment programmes.

FAQ - 1

What is a citizen?


A person who is a legal member of a country, and who can exercise rights and perform duties by virtue of that membership. While the concept of citizenship differs in many countries, a citizenship usually provides the holder the right to a passport, to leave and return to the nation and the right to live and work there.

How to become a legal citizen:

There are various different routes to becoming a legal citizen, depending on the sovereign nation’s nationality law. This includes:
  • Citizenship by birth or jus sanguinis
  • Birth-right citizenship or jus soli
  • Citizenship by marriage or jus matrimonii
  • Naturalisation
  • Citizenship by investment
In today’s increasingly globalised world, it has become common for citizens to have ties to more than one nation with many considering themselves to be a ‘citizen of the world’.

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