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video series, we answer common questions on the investor immigration industry to provide all you need to know about citizenship by investment and residence by investment programmes.

FAQ - 15

What is the most affordable investment option available in the Caribbean?

Affordable options

The answer depends on how many people you are applying with. However, for a single applicant, the most affordable option is a contribution of US$100,000 to the Dominican government or a contribution of $100,000 to St Lucia’s National Economic Fund. Although Antigua and Barbuda only requires a contribution of US$100,000 to its National Development Fund it also levies a US$30,000 government processing fee. Most citizenship by investment programme also include due diligence fees and processing fees. The overall affordable cost to obtain second citizenship, including additional fees, is Dominica and St Lucia.

Acquiring a Caribbean second citizenship is one of the most affordable routes within the industry, the programmes also offer the most family-friendly options.

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