Jordan Citizenship by Investment Programme

The Jordan Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme is a government-approved initiative that lets foreign investors get Jordanian citizenship in exchange for an investment in the country. The goal of the Jordan Citizenship by Investment programme is to bring in foreign investment and help the economy of the country.

The Investment Commission of the Jordanian government runs the Jordan Citizenship by Investment programme, which officially started in 2018.

Jordan is a country with a lot of history, culture, and beautiful natural landscapes. It is a popular place for tourists from all over the world to visit. The country is also strategically located across Europe, Asia, and Africa. This makes it a gateway to the Middle East and a hub for trade and commerce.

The Jordan CBI  programme is not only beneficial for investors but also for Jordan’s government. Foreign investment helps grow and diversify the country’s economy. The Jordan CBI programme is a great way for foreign investors to get citizenship in a country rich in history and culture.

Benefits of the Jordan citizenship by investment programme

Jordan’s CBI programme has several benefits, namely:

  • a larger global footprint
  • access to good healthcare and education
  • business opportunities
  • the ability to buy property

Furthermore, the Jordan CBI programme has government approval and meets international standards. The Jordanian government is committed to making the programme as easy and effective as possible while improving the country’s business climate.

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A larger global footprint

One of the best things about becoming a citizen through the Jordan CBI programme is the increased global footprint that comes with it. This makes it easier for investors to do business in other countries and find new opportunities.

Access to good healthcare and education

Jordanians also have access to good health care and education, which makes the country a good choice for investors with families.

Business opportunities

In addition to the Jordan CBI programme, the government of Jordan is also working on several other economic reforms and initiatives to attract foreign investment. There are tax breaks, improvements to infrastructure, and an easier way to register a business.

The ability to buy property

The Jordan CBI program also lets investors buy property in Jordan, which is a great opportunity. The country’s real estate market is growing, and many homes are for sale, from apartments to villas and cities to the countryside. When people invest in real estate, they not only put money into it but also get a piece of property in the country. The investor can use this as a vacation home or a rental property to make more money.

Investment options for citizenship in Jordan

To be eligible for the programme, an individual must invest at least US$750,000 in:

  • real estate
  • the tourism industry or
  • renewable energy

Additionally, investors must also meet certain other requirements, such as passing a background checks and showing proof that they have enough money.

Once the investment is made, and the other requirements are met, the investor and their immediate family (spouse and children) can apply for Jordanian citizenship. The application process usually takes about six months, after which the investor will get their Jordanian passport.

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Why invest in Jordan?

Jordan is a safe and stable country. Peace and safety are important to the government, which is a big reason why foreign investors are interested in the country. Jordan is known for being welcoming and friendly to people from other countries. This makes it a great place to both live and work.

The Jordanian government is committed to making its CBI programme as easy and useful for investors as possible. The programme is always being looked at and updated to ensure it stays competitive with programmes in other countries.

The government knows foreign investment is a key part of economic growth and development. The Jordan CBI programme is a big part of what the government does to get foreign investors to come to the country. By bestowing citizenship to foreign investors, the government can attract a new class of investors interested in making a financial investment and becoming a part of the country’s culture and society.

Through the Jordan CBI programme, becoming a citizen is a straightforward and quick process.

How do I apply for the Jordan CBI programme?

  • The first step is for the investor to put at least US$750,000 into one approved sector.
  • The investor will then have to provide all necessary paperwork, such as proof of money and a background check.
  • After the application is sent in, the Investment Commission of the government will review the application and make a decision.
  • Usually, the whole process takes about six months, and the investor can apply for a Jordanian passport at the end of the process.