Micha Emmett Speaks About Why South Africans Are Investing in a Dual Citizenship

Headquartered in the heart of London, CS Global Partners comprises of a passionate team of reputable specialists and lawyers, providing expert advice to investors looking for citizenship solutions.

Founded in 2012 by Micha-Rose Emmet, a South African dual-qualified lawyer, CS Global has offices across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The team has spent the last eight years assisting families and investors throughout the world on their journey to second citizenship via various Citizenship by Investment programmes, with a focus on the Caribbean.

While no Citizenship by Investment programme is the same and investment opportunities differ from programme to programme, all Caribbean programmes offer the option to either make a direct contribution to a relevant Government fund or invest in Government-approved real estate.

Here, Micha speaks about the increasing number of South Africans that are looking to broaden their horizons with a second passport through Citizenship by Investment, and how you can go about applying as a South African citizen.

What is Citizenship by Investment?

Dual citizenship or a second passport refers to obtaining legal citizenship in another country, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to invest in a Citizenship by Investment programme. These programmes allow individuals and families to acquire citizenship from a particular country in return for an investment or contribution to said country. It’s the ideal way for families to expand and broaden their global footprint.

What are the Application Requirements? 

The requirements in applying for Citizenship by Investment programmes are two-fold. As a South African, you would need to register with your SA Authority to notify them of your application. From there, the world really is your oyster! We highly recommend the St Kitts and Nevis Programme to South Africans, as not only is it the longest-running and most trusted Programme, it also boasts a three month turnaround time and offers you maximum benefit for a minimal investment of just $150 000 USD for a family of up to four. Giving the entire family citizenship for life – there is no better insurance policy.

Why the Recent Increase in Interest From South Africans?

The pandemic has left many individuals feeling shaken and insecure by the global response. Many people are now looking to relocate their families to a safe and secure location that offers all the perks of medical care, educational opportunities, as well as social and financial security. These are just some of the factors driving South Africans to seek a second passport.

Why the Caribbean?

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programmes are the oldest and most trusted programmes worldwide. And while there are about 12 different countries currently offering such programmes, the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programmes have once again been rated the best in the world by the CBI Index, a comparative ranking system of Citizenship by Investment programmes globally, published by PWM. Our Dominica programme, in particular, has enjoyed major success with South Africans as the investment threshold is extremely palatable. In the interest of global travel, the Dominica passport allows you access to more than 75 percent of all countries around the world, including the UK, Europe, and China. This translates into greater access to education and healthcare, as well as global business accessibility. Being part of the Commonwealth of Nations, Dominican passport holders enjoy all the benefits of those built-in relationships, and particularly attractive for South Africans is that the country is English speaking with a 98% literacy rate.

Furthermore, for those South Africans doing business on a global scale, the fact that Dominica uses the Eastern Caribbean dollar, which has been pegged to the US dollar since 1977, proves significantly beneficial, providing foreign exchange stability. These elements, coupled with the fact that Dominica has some of the most beautiful surroundings, fresh air and virtually no traffic, make it a firm favourite amongst South Africans.

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Is Citizenship the Same as Residency?

There are some fundamental differences when looking at Citizenship vs Residency. Residency by investment often focuses on Europe and can be a tedious process taking anywhere between five and seven years to complete. The language barrier, financial instability and policy changes are just some of the reasons many investors opt for Citizenship by Investment instead. Conversely, Citizenship by Investment is an immediate step, and there is huge security in having that citizenship in your hands from the get-go, thus becoming a Global Citizen almost instantly.