Mumbai to host IREX 2023

Mumbai to host IREX 2023

It’s almost time for the International Real Estate Expo (IREX) 2023! Hosted in Mumbai, the conference will focus on global investment opportunities.



There are various legal and financial implications associated with investing abroad and these will all be discussed at the IREX 2023 conference.

What is IREX?

IREX brings together leading marketing companies and international real estate developers. The conference is held in conjunction to the IREX Residency & Citizenship Conclave and creates an opportunity to explore various prospects of residency and citizenship by investment to Indian residents across the globe.

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IREX Residency & Citizenship Conclave

In addition to international real estate companies and property developers, the conclave also brings together immigration consultants, legal consultants, government bodies, and other stakeholders.

On the first day, individual countries will present these prospects and they will be addressed by real estate developers, immigration experts and lawyers, all from leading companies in the field.

The main focus of this year’s conference will be global investment opportunities. Attendees can look forward to two special panel discussions, namely;

  1. The recently reauthorised EB5 Investor Visa Programme of the US government and
  2. ‘Trending Destinations for Investment for Indians’.

Subsequently, experts from each country will give specific insights into their respective offers.

Who will be attending IREX 2023?

In short, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) who would like to invest in international real estate and premium luxury properties or pursue their residency and citizenship by investment options.

Companies from Dubai, UK, Canada, Dominica, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Australia and EB5 companies from USA that offer residency/citizenship by investment will be there.

Other prominent participants of this show include:
  • US Immigration Fund
  • Smart Homes Developments
  • Greece
  • Amber Star Real Estate
  • Harvey Law Group
  • Muscat Azzopardi Advocates, Malta
  • Malta

The number of Indian residents seeking foreign citizenship by investment is growing

Indian residents who are looking for foreign citizenship by investment are increasingly being lured by multiple benefits. More than ever, wealthy Indians are looking for investment opportunities abroad.

The appeal of Citizenship by Investment (CBI) HNWIs in India includes;
  1. Explore emerging businesses
  2. Gain international alliances
  3. Enjoy visa free travel
  4. Better opportunities for children’s education and career prospects.

What makes these programmes even more attractive are the easy payment plans that international developers offer at the event. Indian investors could be able to identify excellent real estate investment opportunities as well as gain monumental knowledge regarding the CBI industry.

Event details

When: 14 and 15 April 2023.
Where: The St. Regis, Mumbai.
Who: Immigration consultants and real estate developers from over 12 countries.


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