A Guide to Applying for a Golden Visa

A Guide to Applying for a Golden Visa

Affluent individuals and investors can unlock a world of exclusive opportunities with golden visas.

Golden visas are offered by 28 countries around the world, with the most popular locations being Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta and Spain. 

Golden Visa

A golden visa creates opportunities for investors and their families to have access to strong economies, quality educational institutions and many other additional benefits. 

Applying for a golden visa does not need to be a complex process, here is a guide to applying for a golden visa. 

Golden Visa Application Process

It is essential for affluent individuals to make use of professional consultants to navigate them through the process. 

Research visa options: Once the golden visa country has been identified, it is beneficial to understand the benefits. 

As well as comparing the requirements to other golden visa programmes, this will assist with selecting the ideal programme that caters to the needs of the individual. 

Eligibility requirements: Each golden visa has specific requirements. 

There are certain criteria such as minimum investment amounts, due diligence checks, and available investment options. 

It is important to fulfil the mandatory requirements before applying. 

Prepare application documents: After fulfilling the requirements, it will be a more seamless process to gather documents for submission. 

The applicant will need to complete relevant forms and pay fees. 

There is a likelihood that the host country will require additional steps such as interviews or language tests. 

Submitting the application: Submit the application to the relevant official authorities. 

The host country may request for application submissions online or in person. 

Application process time: The host country’s processing times may vary, from anywhere between a couple of weeks to months. 

Visa Renewal: Golden visas are required to be renewed, each renewal period will depend on the selected investment option and host country. 

Popular Golden Visa Programmes 

Greece: Greece’s golden visa requires investments into real estate, government bonds or bank accounts. 

Benefits of this visa also include global mobility around the EU, accessibility to quality healthcare and education, eligibility for citizenship and permanent residency after a period. 

Italy: Italy’s golden visa programme allows residency by invest into corporate shares, limited companies, or philanthropic contributions.  

Benefits include residency, global mobility, and a favourable tax regime. 

Malta: Malta’s golden visa offers citizenship within one to three years through investing in assets, property, or health insurance. 

These benefits include global mobility, access to quality education and healthcare, and a favourable tax system. 

Portugal: The Portuguese golden visa programme requires a minimum investment of €250,000 benefiting the economy, with options including investment funds or creating jobs in Portugal.  

Benefits include fast processing, tax advantages, and eligibility for citizenship after five years. 

Spain: Spain’s “property visa” requires a €500,000 investment in real estate and offers an option of residency with work permits.  

Benefits include travel around the Schengen EU area, and eligibility for citizenship after five years. 

United Arab Emirates (UAE): UAE golden visa allows individuals to reside in any of its seven emirates, offering long-term permits for five to ten years, with automatic renewal.  

Investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, outstanding students, humanitarian pioneers, and frontline heroes are eligible to apply. 

United States (US): The US EB-5 permit has a step process which includes an investment requirement of either US$800,000 for a project in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) or $1,050,000 for a non-TEA project.  

Successful applications will receive a green card that will be valid for two years. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Golden Visa

How Much does a Golden Visa Cost? 

The cost of a golden visa typically ranges from several hundred thousand to several million euros or dollars. 

Each visa programme has its own investment requirements and additional fees. 

It’s essential to consider other factors such as economic stability, political climate, permit benefits, and personal preferences, before selecting a golden visa programme.  

What is the validity of a Golden Visa? 

Golden visas typically have a validity period ranging from one to five years, sometimes tied to the expiration of the applicant’s travel document.  

Applicants may have the option to renew their permit or apply for permanent residency or citizenship. 

Do Golden Visas Offer Citizenship? 

While some golden visas programmes offer a pathway to citizenship after a certain period, others provide permanent residency without citizenship prospects. 

How to Qualify for a Golden Permit? 

Common requirements include: 

  • a minimum investment,
  • passing all due diligence checks,
  • obtaining health insurance coverage,
  • showing proof of sufficient funds to support oneself and dependents,
  • and meeting residency requirements.  

Additional criteria may include language proficiency or a minimum age for the main applicant. 


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