Dominica focuses on Agriculture and Tourism to Boost Economy 

The Government of Dominica has embarked on a strategic journey to boost its economic development by focusing on its agriculture and tourism sectors. 

The Government is driving economic prosperity through innovative initiatives in agriculture and tourism. 

The Government of Dominica recognises the potential of these sectors to not only contribute significantly to GDP but also to create employment opportunities and foster sustainable development. 

Agricultural Revitalisation Initiatives

Support for Local Farmers

To ensure inclusivity, the Government has implemented programmes that specifically target Dominican farmers.  

This includes providing access to affordable credit, technical assistance, and training programmes to enhance their farming practices and increase yields. 

Extension officers from all agricultural regions in Dominica convened on 12 January 2024 at the Roseau Fisheries Complex for a one-day refresher training in the Farmer Field School approach.  

The Farmer Field School, a hands-on programme, guides growers through the crop season in real-time. The focus of the current programme is on white potatoes, perfectly timed according to White Potato National Coordinator Delroy Williams.  

The training aims to equip officers to teach farmers best practices for white potato cultivation.  

Eastern Agricultural Officer, Asha Burton, highlighted the programme’s significance in providing Dominican farmers with a demonstrable understanding of the crop’s viability in specific regions.  

Farmer Field School trainings will commence this week across all agricultural regions, continuing throughout the crop cycle, including the sale and purchase phases.  

Recognising the vulnerability of a mono-crop economy, the Government is actively promoting crop diversification.  

These initiatives are in place to encourage the cultivation of a variety of crops, reducing dependency on a single commodity and mitigating the risks associated with climate change. 

Tourism Promotion Strategies

Ecotourism Development

Dominica, ‘the nature Isle of the Caribbean,’ is continuously promoting ecotourism as a sustainable alternative in the face of global over-tourism challenges.  

With tourism serving as a vital economic driver, Dominica has embraced eco-friendly practices in dozens of lodges and resorts.  

These establishments prioritise sustainability, using green lighting, sustainable materials, and carbon footprint reduction measures. 

Dominica’s rich natural assets, including extensive rainforests, numerous rivers, and diverse flora and fauna, contribute to the appeal of eco-tourism.  

The island boasts over 200 species of exotic birds, iguanas, boa constrictors, and features the world’s second-largest boiling lake. 

Additionally, Dominica features the Caribbean’s first longest hiking trail and twin waterfalls, Trafalgar Falls, contributing to the islands sustainable travel experience. 

Technology in Tourism

Earlier this year, the Tourism Minister Denise Charles-Pemberton announced the upcoming launch of a new app to facilitate easier access to information for visitors.  

Speaking at the official opening of Mas Domnik Carnival 2024, she urged Dominican service providers to register with the Discover Dominica Authority to set and maintain standards.  

In addition to promoting the new app, the tourism minister highlighted the collective responsibility to protect Dominica’s natural assets, including its sperm whales and lush rainforests. 

She urged individuals to practice proper waste disposal and embrace the principles of reuse, reduce, and recycle. 

The Government is committed to a sustainable future, endorsing renewable energy and eco-friendly initiatives. 

Notably, she announced a new tradition of honouring individuals or groups with enduring contributions to Dominica’s cultural scene. 

The rich cultural heritage of Dominica is being leveraged to attract tourists interested in immersive cultural experiences.  

Festivals, traditional events, and heritage sites are being promoted to showcase the island’s unique identity. 

Synergy between Agriculture and Tourism

Farm-to-Table Initiatives

Dominica is capitalising on its fresh produce by integrating farm-to-table initiatives.  

Restaurants and resorts are encouraged to source locally, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the agricultural and tourism sectors. 

Such as Secret Bay, which has utilised the development of its Botanica Organic Garden. The garden provides authentic experiences for their guests to walk through tropical pathways to taste Dominica’s fresh produce. 

Dominica is promoting its unique culinary offerings, with an emphasis on traditional dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.   

This enhances the gastronomic appeal of the island, attracting food enthusiasts and further linking agriculture with tourism. 


The Government is actively promoting agro-tourism. Visitors can engage in farm activities, learn about sustainable farming practices, and enjoy agritourism experiences.  

This not only generates additional income for farmers but also enhances the overall tourism product. 

Dominica’s Government, through strategic initiatives in agriculture and tourism, is laying the foundation for sustainable economic development.  

As the island nation continues this path, it positions itself as a model for other nations seeking holistic and sustainable development strategies.