Egypt’s Citizenship by Investment Programme

Egypt’s Citizenship by Investment Programme: an exciting opportunity for investors.

Egypt’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme was started in 2020 and attracts investors from around the globe. This innovative initiative offers a unique pathway for individuals seeking to obtain Egyptian citizenship and unlock a multitude of benefits.

An Overview of Egypt’s Citizenship by Investment Programme

Egypt’s CBI programme was introduced with the aim of stimulating economic growth and attracting foreign direct investment. It provides foreign nationals with the opportunity to acquire Egyptian citizenship by making a significant investment in the country. This investment can take various forms, including real estate, business ventures, or direct contributions to specific sectors of the Egyptian economy.

Benefits of Egypt’s CBI Programme

Access to a Vibrant Economy

By obtaining Egyptian citizenship through the CBI programme, investors gain unrestricted access to Egypt’s burgeoning economy. With its strategic location, large consumer market, and diverse sectors, Egypt offers a wealth of opportunities for individuals looking to expand their business ventures or invest in lucrative industries.

Cultural Heritage

Egypt’s rich cultural heritage, ancient wonders, and historical landmarks make it an exceptional place to live and explore. Citizenship through the CBI programme allows investors to immerse themselves in the country’s vibrant culture and embrace its fascinating history.

Education and Healthcare

Egyptian citizens, including those who obtain citizenship through the CBI programme, have access to quality education and healthcare services. This ensures a high standard of living and well-being for individuals and their families.

Investment Opportunities in Egypt

Egypt’s CBI programme offers a wide range of investment options, catering to diverse investor preferences. Whether it’s investing in prime real estate properties, establishing businesses in thriving sectors, or contributing to specific development projects, there are ample opportunities to generate substantial returns on investment.

Investment options:

  1. Direct revenue Donation: Deposit an amount of US$250,000 via a bank transfer from abroad as direct revenue (grant) that goes to the state’s general treasury and is not refundable.
  2. Real estate investment: Purchase a property or land for a minimum of US$300,000.
  3. Investment in a company or project: Establishing an investment project with a minimum of US$450,000.
  4. Cash investment – Bank Deposit: A cash deposit of US$500,000 for three years.

Application Process and Requirements

To participate in Egypt’s CBI programme, prospective investors must meet certain criteria and fulfil specific requirements. These include demonstrating a clean criminal record, making a significant investment in the country, and providing proof of financial stability. The application process involves thorough due diligence checks and assessment of the investor’s suitability for Egyptian citizenship.

The application process is as follows:

Step 1: Application pre-approval by CS Global Partners

We will look through your application to check everything is in order and confirm it meets the requisite conditions, giving it the best possible chance of being accepted.

Step 2: Application submission

Application is submitted once pre-approval is complete.

Step 3: Payment of unit service fees

Paying a fee of $US10,000 or its equivalent.

Step 4: Wait for application feedback

The application will be examined and decided upon initially no later than three months from the date of its submission.

Step 5: Initial approval

Receive the right to temporarily reside in Egypt for a period of six months to complete the documents and submit evidence officially confirming the purchase of the property, approval of investment project and payment of the obligations required.

Step 6: Final Decision

Issuing of the final decision no later than three months from the date of completing the data and documents.

The processing time for the residence application takes 6 to 12 months.

Egypt’s CBI programme presents a compelling opportunity for investors looking to gain Egyptian citizenship and tap into the country’s economic potential. With its diverse investment options, visa-free travel privileges, and access to quality education and healthcare, this programme offers a unique avenue for individuals seeking to expand their horizons and secure a brighter future.