Investment migration opportunities with CS Global Partners

Investment migration opportunities with CS Global Partners

Benefit from CS Global Partners’ expert advice, personalised services, and comprehensive support as you navigate citizenship and residency programmes tailored to your needs.

Investment migration is revolutionising opportunities for global investors and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) seeking prosperity worldwide. 

Picture effortlessly overcoming geographical barriers to tap into new markets, safeguard assets, and expand personal freedoms.  

It is not merely about changing locations – It is about unlocking a realm of possibilities. 

Investment migration offers avenues for investors and HNWIs to gain alternative citizenship through Citizenship by Investment (CBI) or residency permits via Residency by Investment (RBI) programmes.  

Both pathways open doors to numerous benefits, business prospects, and personal security. 

Investment Migration Programmes

CBI Programmes

Investment migration Citizenship

Investment migration offers avenues for investors and HNWIs to gain alternative citizenship through CBI programmes. 

CBI programmes provide invaluable benefits such as asset protection in stable jurisdictions and global mobility through flexible travel permits. 

The programmes provide the ability to extend benefits to family members, ensuring access to quality education and healthcare. 

Exploring Popular Caribbean CBI Programmes

In the Caribbean, popular CBI programmes in countries like Dominica, Saint Lucia, and St Kitts and Nevis grant citizenship in exchange for investments in designated projects. 

Dominica: Dominica has one of the most popular CBI programmes, whereby investors can select from either the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) or from government-approved Real Estate investment options. 

Saint Lucia: Saint Lucia has one of the newest CBI programmes, investors and HNWIs can select from the National Economic Fund (NEF), government bonds or invest in government-approved real estate investment options. 

St Kitts and Nevis: The twin-federation has the oldest and most respected CBI Programme in the world.  There are four distinct investment options available, which are the Public Benefit Option (PBO), Developer’s Real Estate Investment, Private Home Sale, and the newly introduced Sustainable Island State Contribution (SISC).   

Benefits of CBI Programmes

Alternative citizenship serves as an asset for investors and HNWIs, granting them access to the advantages provided by Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programmes. 

Asset protection: Alternative citizenship offers a layer of security for the assets of HNWIs in jurisdictions that are economically and politically stable. 

Global mobility: Alternative citizenship provides investors with flexible travel permits, enabling seamless international travel for business, leisure, and personal pursuits. 

Family: Investors and HNWIs can establish a safety net for their families through alternative citizenship, extending benefits to dependants.  

This includes access to premium education, healthcare, and an improved quality of life. 

RBI Programmes

Investment migration RBI

Alternatively, residency permits can be acquired via RBI programmes, which also offer numerous benefits, business prospects, and personal security. 

Exploring Popular RBI Programmes

Greece: The Golden Permit Programme, established in 2014, provides one of the most cost-effective pathways to access the Schengen Area in Europe.  

Through this programme, investors and their families can achieve permanent residency in Greece, even while maintaining other residences elsewhere, with renewal required every five years. 

United Arab Emirates (UAE): The UAE Golden Permit offers a long-term residency option for foreign talents, including investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, exceptional students, humanitarian pioneers, and frontline heroes.  

This programme provides opportunities for living, working, or studying in the UAE, along with exclusive benefits. 

United States of America: The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, initiated as part of the Immigration Act of 1990. 

The permit aims to bolster the American economy by generating employment and attracting foreign direct investment (FDI).  

Eligible foreign nationals can obtain a US green card by investing in qualifying projects across the country. 

Due Diligence Practices

Each programme conducts due diligence processes to verify applicants’ credibility and maintain programme integrity. 

Due diligence processes involve documentation submission, background checks, and fulfilling investment requirements. 

Costs associated with due diligence vary based on programme type and host country requirements. 

Partnering with CS Global Partners

Partnering with CS Global Partners provides guidance for investors navigating the complexities of investment migration. 

We offer comprehensive services including consultations, tailored marketing materials, assistance with calculations, and programme updates.  

Our team of legal, marketing, and advisory experts ensures clients receive exceptional support informed by extensive knowledge and experience. 

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