Journey towards attaining Turkish citizenship while travelling

Turkey draws in millions of visitors each year for a reason: a vibrant cuisine, a sunny climate with beautiful beaches, and a rich history filled with unique architecture.

Turkey draws in millions of visitors each year for a reason: a vibrant cuisine, a sunny climate with beautiful beaches, and a rich history filled with unique architecture.

The country also boasts a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme, which allows investor citizens to access this stunning and historic country.

Gaining citizenship of Turkey is highly coveted, given the country’s strong economy, political prominence in global affairs and close relations with the European Union (EU). Once obtained, citizenship can be given to family members of the CBI applicant, too.

The Turkish passport is a strong and valuable passport, which is particularly attractive to investors and keen travellers across the globe.

Situated between the East and West, Turkey is the perfect place for global interactions, both economically and culturally. CBI puts global citizens on the path to richer, deeper and more fulfilling lives full of cultural experiences.

This article will explore the Turkish CBI programme and the value of Turkish citizenship.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment (CBI)

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme allows investors to gain Turkish citizenship through investing in real estate, starting a company that employs at least fifty people, or making a capital investment in Turkey.

The first CBI option for investor citizens is the real estate investment in Turkey, which stands at $400,000.

The real estate investment option specifies no restrictions on what type of property this investment is in. It could be land, an apartment or house, depending on what the investor citizen opts to choose.

This sets the Turkish programme apart from other programmes which have stricter rules on properties in which people can invest.

The second CBI option is investing in jobs creation. For this option, investor citizens start a company in Turkey and employ at least 50 people.

This option suits keen entrepreneurs who are willing to seek advice on Turkish business regulations.

The third CBI option is the capital investment option, of $500,000.

The capital investment option can take three different forms, to be sufficient for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

The first option is a fixed capital investment. This must be vetted by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. The second is a fixed deposit in a Turkish bank for at least three years. Finally, the third option is investing in a government bond for at least three years. This must be confirmed by the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

The application normally takes about four months. Nationals of Armenia, Cuba, Nigeria, North Korea, and Syria are restricted from applying.

Why Turkey is an excellent place for investor citizens

A member of the G20 and a prominent voice within the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the country is also a major global player and a candidate for EU membership. As the 16th largest economy in the world, Turkey is influential in global and economic affairs.

Turkey is also a democracy with a large and influential diaspora scattered across the globe.

The site of many of the oldest cultures, empires and civilisations, ancient ruins are scattered across the country and history is around every corner. For people interested in archaeology and history, Turkey offers lots to explore.

The iconic Turkish baths are a brilliant and unique way to relax in the friendly country.

The climate is another draw to visiting Turkey. With many gorgeous beaches across the country, global citizens keen to enjoy an inviting climate will find Turkey to be an inviting destination.

There are many natural wonders to explore in Turkey, too. The beautiful Uludağ Mountains offer a natural adventure, complementing the country’s rich cultural scene.

The Turkish CBI options are plentiful and the culture more so. This makes the country a compelling option for investor citizens.