These are the coolest hotels in the Caribbean in 2024

Caribbean Journal published their 12th annual Cool List which features unique, fun and luxurious hotels in Caribbean. 

As the list includes many hotels in the Caribbean, each is listed varies in accommodation types, from beachfront hideaways to hidden gems, each standing out in for their guests to have the ultimate ‘cool’ experiences. 

The Eastern and Western Caribbean boasts alluring hotels and resorts that attract thrill-seekers and exclusive guests.  

We have selected our top five hotels from Caribbean Journal’s Cool List for 2024, as some have recently received recognition and achievements in the previous year. 

Each hotel offers exceptional experiences that secure the Caribbean as a must-see destination that visitors should add into their bucket lists. 

Fort Young, Dominica

Fort Young situated in Roseau, Dominica, secured first place in the Cool List. The hotel recently transformed from a centuries-old fort into a modern boutique-style hotel.  

The revamped establishment exudes authenticity, featuring 60 new Fort Block rooms, an expanded dive operation. 

There are new amenities like the Rum and Wine Cellar, Retail Store, Museum Café, and Marquis Bar and Lounge situated in the original troops’ barracks. 

These spaces, along with the upgraded Courtyard Lounge, embody a harmonious blend of old and new. 

Symbolising the evolution and innovation of the resort’s reimagination while honouring the rich history of the fort. 

In addition, an all-inclusive itinerary immerses guests in the island’s local culture and environment. 

Sunset Reef, St Kitts

The Sunset Reef Hotel not only featured on this year’s Cool List, but the hotel also received recognition as Sustainable Hotel of the Year 2023 by The Caribbean Journal. 

This acknowledgment adds charm to the region and sets a benchmark for the luxury hotel industry.  

The boutique hotel on the southern coast of St Kitts seamlessly combines sustainability and luxury, Caribbean Journal noted that it is the “luxury with no footprint”, making it a significant and noteworthy resort.” 

Secret Bay, Dominica

Secret Bay successfully reshaped Dominica into a luxurious island destination, with breathtaking villas that retain Dominica’s authenticity. 

Moreover, introducing the longest funicular in the Caribbean, which will transport visitors from Roseau Valley up to one of the world’s largest thermal springs, Boiling Lake, adds an exciting element to the hotel. 

Additionally, Conde Nast Traveler featured Secret Bay in the 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards, as one of the best resorts in the Caribbean. 

Placing emphasis on earning its name with six secluded villas. Each villa has unique Caribbean-inspired interior decor, private pools, and open decks offering panoramic views of mountain peaks and the Caribbean Sea. 

Laluna, Grenada

Laluna, in St. George’s, features a 16-cottage retreat, with small private pools, consisting of high-end design focused on wellness, reflection, and serene experiences. 

The resort offers guest a unique fusion of Italian-Caribbean cuisine, sunset sailing trips, beach yoga classes, and weekly open-air movies.  

While the vibrant Grand Anse tourist area is a short drive away for those seeking more activity, many guests specifically choose Laluna for its tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. 

Notably, the retreat is affiliated with Marriott’s Design Hotels collection, enhancing its appeal and ensuring a high standard of design and hospitality. 

Cape Eleuthera, The Bahamas

The Bahamas’ renowned boutique resort on the southern tip of Eleuthera has recently introduced a new hotel-within-a-hotel concept. 

This addition features toes-in-the-sand bungalows situated at the ocean’s edge, quickly becoming highly coveted accommodations in the Caribbean Island. 

Situated in southern Eleuthera, it offers three private beaches, a vast 4,500-acre natural landscape, and a range of waterfront villas and cottages. 

The Caribbean Journal also recognised the boutique resort as one of the small hotels to visit in The Bahamas in 2023.