Turkish dual citizenship – everything you need to know

In 2017, Turkey introduced a game-changing opportunity for global investors: Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. Who is Turkish dual citizenship aimed at? We discuss…

Turkish dual citizenship has captured the imagination of business moguls, retirees, and adventurers alike. With a real estate investment option, investors can unlock the doors to Turkish dual citizenship and all the wonders this nation has to offer.

Turkey: A Business Haven

Turkey’s strategic location, bridging Europe and Asia, has made it a hotbed for business opportunities. Business owners and investors alike flock to Turkey for its economic prospects and potential for growth.

Turkey dual citizenship opens a gateway to this thriving environment, where you can seize incredible opportunities.

Life Beyond Business

Turkey is not just about business; it’s a land of breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, and mouthwatering cuisine.

With a dual citizenship in hand, investors are fortunate to call Turkey their second home, indulging in its high quality of life.

Direct Path to Dual Citizenship

Unlike other programmes that offer just permanent residency, the Turkish programme leads to directly to Turkish citizenship.

In four to six months, investors are granted all the rights of a natural-born Turkish citizen.

Dual Citizenship

For those hailing from countries that allow dual citizenship, Turkey extends the same privilege.

Keeping original citizenship while embracing Turkish nationality.

Family First

Turkey dual citizenship applicants can include their spouses, dependents, and even dependable parents in their application, extending the opportunity for your entire family to obtain Turkish citizenship.


Investors in the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme often choose the real estate investment option, which not only secures citizenship but also generates rental income.

Alternatively, opening a business can create local jobs, fostering income while obtaining Turkish dual citizenship.

Travel to the United States

For some nationalities, travelling to the U.S. can be challenging. However, Turkish dual citizenship offers a workaround with the established trade agreements.

It is essential to consider the implications for countries that do not allow dual citizenship.

Schengen Simplified

Turkish dual citizenship can streamline the approval process, making travel within the Schengen region easier.

Live, Work, and Study Freely

Turkish dual citizenship holders and their families enjoy the right to live, work, and study in Turkey.

Access to national healthcare and education systems adds to the allure of Turkish citizenship.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Turkey dual citizenship, one of the minimum requirements is for the main applicant to be at least 18 years of age. Unlike many citizenship programmes, Turkey’s citizenship programme does not impose a minimum stay requirement. You can also be rest assured that your citizenship remains secure. Turkey does not subject applicants to citizenship or language tests.

Investment Options

There are three investment avenues to choose from:

  1. Real Estate Investment: As of 2022, a US$400,000 real estate investment is required, with flexibility in property types and locations.
  2. Capital Transfer: Deposit of US$500,000 in a Turkish bank account, government bonds, or fund.
  3. Local Job Creation: Create at least 50 local jobs through starting a business in Turkey.


The Application Journey

Here’s a simplified six-step guide to obtaining Turkish citizenship through Turkey’s dual citizenship programme:

  1. Choose an Investment Option: Investors decide on which investment route aligns with their goals.
  2. Apply for a Turkish Tax Identification: Secure a tax ID to open a bank account and register with authorities.
  3. Apply for a Certificate of Eligibility: Depending on your investment choice, apply for the necessary certificates.
  4. Make Your Investment: Deposit the required funds into a Turkish bank account or create jobs as per your chosen investment path.
  5. Apply for Residence Permit: Request a residence permit, allows applicants to reside in Turkey while citizenship application processes.
  6. Apply for Turkish Citizenship: Submit the required documents for citizenship at the Provincial Directorate of Census and Citizenship. Wait three to four months for citizenship.

Who can apply for Turkish dual citizenship?

Turkey does not implement bans based on an applicant’s country of citizenship. Turkey is therefore a popular option for persons who are unable to apply to other programmes, such as those in the Caribbean.

Turkey’s citizenship programme is a key to unlock diverse opportunities, freedom, and the enchantment of a new homeland.

All investors embarking on this journey should remember that professional advice is invaluable. Secure dual citizenship and embark on an extraordinary adventure in the land where East meets West.