Türkiye Citizenship by Investment for Nigerians

Türkiye Citizenship by Investment for Nigerians: we explore the horizons for Nigerian investors and a culturally rich life in Türkiye.

Türkiye’s Citizenship by Investment Programme has emerged as a recent entrant in the investment migration industry, commencing in 2017.

It is garnering attention and has managed to capture the interest and curiosity of Nigerians seeking second citizenship opportunities.

Benefits of Türkiye’s Programme for Nigerians

Türkiye’s citizenship offers numerous advantages to individuals, and is particularly beneficial for Nigerians.

These include lifelong citizenship with the rights to reside, work, and own property in Türkiye.

Additionally, citizenship is inheritable, allowing future generations to benefit.
The flexibility of dual citizenship is permitted, providing individuals with the opportunity to maintain ties with multiple countries.

Moreover, Türkiye citizenship opens doors to apply for an E-2 visa to the United States, offering expanded possibilities for international opportunities and connections.

Investment Options for Nigerians

Nigerians can benefit from Türkiye’s Citizenship by Investment options in various ways. Each option presents unique advantages, catering to diverse preferences and goals of Nigerians seeking Türkiye citizenship.

The processing time typically takes three to six months and has various requirements depending on the option selected and documentation.

Real Estate Investment

Investing in Türkiye’s real estate market offers Nigerians a pathway to citizenship. By purchasing property, individuals not only gain a tangible asset but also qualify for Türkiye citizenship.

This option provides an opportunity for Nigerians to invest in a growing real estate market while simultaneously securing the benefits of Türkiye citizenship.

Nigerians can purchase property recognised by the Minister of Environment and Urbanisation, valued at a minimum of US$400,000 and must retain ownership of property for a minimum of three years.

Capital Investment

Engaging in fixed capital investment, Nigerians can invest a minimum of US$500,000 into Türkiye.

Selecting this option requires approval from the Ministry of Industry and Technology. And allows Nigerians to contribute to Türkiye’s economic development, and in return, they become eligible for citizenship.

It provides a direct and impactful way for Nigerians to participate in Türkiye’s growth while reaping the rewards of citizenship.

Bank Deposit

Nigerians have the option to deposit US$500,000 into a Turkish bank accredited by the Council of Bank Audit and Regulation.

Job Creation

Nigerians can also consider creating employment opportunities in Türkiye to obtain citizenship.

Nigerians have the option to generate employment for fifty individuals in Türkiye, a recognition that needs to be endorsed by the Ministry of Family, Labour, and Social Security.

By establishing or maintaining businesses that generate employment, individuals contribute to the local economy and qualify for Türkiye citizenship.

This option aligns with entrepreneurial pursuits and enables Nigerians to actively contribute to Türkiye’s workforce and economic vitality.

Government Bonds and Securities

Investing in Türkiye’s government bonds or securities is a financial avenue for gaining citizenship.

By contributing to Türkiye’s financial stability, individuals can secure the benefits of Türkiye citizenship.

Nigerians can buy government bonds valued at US$500,000, acknowledged by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance for Türkiye citizenship.

Those who are successful in their application must retain ownership of the bonds for a minimum of three years.

This option allows Nigerians to make a financial investment that aligns with economic growth and stability, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.