A message from the CEO

2017 has been a rollercoaster year. We have been dealing with the hangover effects of Brexit, the new US President, and the impact of global power shifts. Every time I turn a page of my newspaper or switch on a daily news channel, I am faced with interesting economic, political and social shifts. In one minute the global shift can be felt.

We at Cs Global Partners watch, monitor and adapt to deliver to our global citizens as best we can.
It would be remiss of me not to begin by speaking of the heart-wrench we at CS Global felt as news of Hurricanes Irma and Maria reached us.

More importantly however, the news compelled us to understand, perhaps more deeply than ever before, the vast impact that citizenship by investment can have on small island nations, and the role it can play in providing a lifeline to people, countries, and future generations. We are motivated like never before to see citizenship by investment flourish, to see our clients safe, and to see the Caribbean prosper.

And, despite the challenges, the Caribbean has seen a positive 2017, marked by advances in its citizenship by investment offerings, and prospects for growth, development, and prosperity. With this end-of-year review, we invite you to reflect on the year with us, and to face 2018 with the optimism and hope that the Caribbean inspires.