Dominica: The Healthiest Citizenship by Investment Destination

Internationally, health-conscious investors are seeking to enhance their wellbeing beyond the cliché of the sun and sea vacation experience. Many have set their sights on the Commonwealth of Dominica as the ideal option to benefit from its growing health and wellness tourism industry.

In a recent study, Dominica took home the rank as the “Best Health-Focused Citizenship by Investment Programme”. The report analysed the healthcare level of multiple investment immigration options and considered their minimum investment requirement. Dominica’s state-of-the-art medical amenities and wellness-focused lifestyle landed the island the top spot.

As the ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’, Dominica excels at offering eco-conscious tourists and investors a unique experience that only the island’s natural beauty, wellness facilities, stunning locations and kind people can provide. The island also accommodates services such as holistic massage, yoga, chiropractic care, coaching, Pilates, fitness, and a range of spa facilities together with natural products and herbs.

It is no wonder that Dominica is the Caribbean island with the highest number of centenarians globally, and it was from here that the oldest person ever hailed. The country’s health priority also attests to one of the highest average life expectancies for women at 78 and 75 for men.

About Dominica

Located in the Eastern Caribbean, Dominica is the largest and most northern of the Windward Islands. The island was named after the seventh day of the week when Italian explorer Christopher Columbus spotted the tiny island’s rearing cliffs. The volcanic isle is recognised as a mountainous mecca for pioneering wellness enthusiasts. Its enchantment lies in a combination of unspoilt beauty, hidden lakes, cascading rivers and almost impenetrable forest trails.

Combatting the Pandemic Fatigue

Health has become a driving component for investors. Many have been cooped inside or working from home, which means we are not getting a change in scenery as often. In addition, the uncertainty of the pandemic — and how long it is going to last — has made many of us more anxious or depressed.

A 2009 study involving lawyers, an occupation commonly considered high-stress, found that vacations and leisure activities reduced depression and alleviated some job stress. Survey findings from 2013 reported that most people in HR believe employees who take more of their vacation days outperform those who take less.

Although globe-trotting can be perceived as irresponsible and dangerous during border closures and lockdowns, the sentiment changes if you take all the appropriate health measures and extend your stay through Dominica’s Work in Nature (WIN) visa.

Working from Paradise

Through this visa, tourists from other countries have the chance to live in Dominica as they manage their digital work-from-home lifestyles, which is unlikely to end anytime soon. The WIN visa allows tourists to relocate to Dominica for up to 18 months to work remotely and live amongst the island’s natural beauty. Families and individuals are encouraged to apply, with Dominica offering a family bundle programme that encourages children to attend school on the island.

In order to apply, applicants must make a non-refundable application fee of US$100 while the visa itself is US$800 for singles and US$1,200 for families. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and of good character with no criminal record. Additionally, they must expect to earn an income of US$50,000 or more over the next 12 months or have a means of supporting themselves, their spouse/partner and any dependants. Once applying, a response should be issued within seven days.

Investing in Ecotourism

If digital nomads want to be part of the island’s climate resilience ethos, Dominica offers foreign investors a chance to apply for citizenship through the Citizenship by Investment Programme. Contributions from the government fund option of the programme go into rebalancing the ecosystem, advancing sustainable energy, and upkeeping natural sites.

Investors can become economic citizens of Dominica only after they have passed a series of due diligence checks, which received the CBI Index’s seal of approval, published by PWM. The pre-approved real estate option includes luxury eco-resorts with outstanding wellness facilities building the foundation of Dominica’s burgeoning ecotourism sector.

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