Prime Minister Skerrit Interviewed on Telesur Exclusive

Recently, the pan–Latin American channel Telesur interviewed Dominica’s Prime Minister, Dr the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, on matters regarding both his island-nation and the Caribbean as a whole.

When asked what the world should know about Dominica, the Prime Minister noted that “Dominica is a very peaceful country […] that promotes ecotourism […] that prides itself on the conservation of the environment, a country with [a] rich history, and also […] one of the few countries in the Caribbean with an indigenous Kalinago population.”

Dr Skerrit also outlined Dominica’s key role in the integration of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and CARICOM, stating that regional integration was essential both to Dominica and to the Caribbean as a whole. When discussing the strides made by the CARICOM, the Prime Minister focused on the single market and court, as well as member-states’ ability to speak “with one voice” on the international arena – resulting in greater respect for the Caribbean. “My hope is that we will continue to be unified in our issues and our purpose, and [that we] ensure that we can speak with a sense of independence [from non-CARICOM nations].”

Dominica has witnessed big improvements

Looking back on the 17 years of his premiership, Dr Skerrit said Dominica had now created many more diplomatic relations with other countries, had been part of regional integration discussions, had witnessed an “education revolution,” as well as improvements in infrastructure and healthcare.

Speaking on money laundering, the Prime Minister noted this is a “concern for every country in the world,” and that this is why Dominica is cooperating with all countries, including the CARICOM, the United States, and the United Kingdom. “We have to ensure there is enhanced cooperation [because] no country is immune to this societal ill.”

In concluding the interview, Dr Skerrit took the opportunity to send a global message of welcome and hospitality: “We welcome every citizen to our country: […] a very open country that welcomes visitors […]. So, it is important for you to come to Dominica and to enjoy what we have: the natural beauty, the tranquillity of the country… you know, if you want to have yourselves rejuvenated [and] refreshed, the Commonwealth of Dominica is the country to visit.”