Providing top-tier expert advice and counsel since 2012

CS Global Partners is home to a trusted team of legal, marketing and advisory experts. Our specialists deliver world-beating client services made possible by unparalleled knowledge and experience.

World Class B2B Services

Our carefully-guided application process begins with free consultation, extending to marketing collateral, as well as assistance with any calculations, first-hand news and programme updates.


Legal and Training

CS Global Partner’s legal team is available on-demand to answer any questions that may arise.

Advisory Services

We pride ourselves on our role as the sole marketing advisory company for two top-tier Citizenship by Investment programmes.

First Class International Team

We deliver effective solutions to businesses like yours so you can achieve your citizenship and residency goals.

Why Partner with Us

One-Stop Shop

Our CBI solutions are all-in-one: we cover paperwork, counsel, facilitation and post-citizenship care. The CS Global Partners team is here to provide you with all you need, around the clock.

Confidentiality and Transparency

Each and every enquiry and application is treated with the utmost confidentiality, transparency, and care.

Speed and Efficiency

We work efficiently with rapid responses and excellent turn-around times. With our global presence, our team is on-call for all your enquiries and questions - no matter the timezone.

How Can Our Business Help Yours?

Our team of CBI professionals will nurture any client you send our way. We value constant communication and will update on all matters regarding your client’s case and application status.


We put the needs of the client at the core whilst helping you to grow your business

Referral Fees

Work with us and earn fixed referral fees