Ireland’s Immigrant Investor Programme

  • Established in 2012, Ireland’s Immigrant Investor Programme was introduced to drive inward investment and create business and employment opportunities in Ireland. In recent years, the Programme has begun to pick up pace with investors.

Benefits of Residence in Ireland

  • Residence in Ireland comes with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • The right to live, work, study, and undertake business in Ireland
  • Residence, subject to renewal initially after two years, then three years, then subsequent five-year periods
  • Ability to include nuclear family members in an application
  • Eligible for citizenship after five years of physical residence in Ireland (including for 12 months immediately prior to the application)

Investment Options

  • Investors under Ireland’s Immigrant Investor Programme must choose between one of four investment options.

Option 01

Investment in Irish Enterprise

  • Investment Investment Type Hold Period Other Requirements
    €1 million Irish enterprise Three years Must be accompanied by a business plan
Option 02

Investment in Approved Investment Fund

  • Investment Investment Type Hold Period Other Requirements
    €1 million Approved investment fund Three years Must be approved and regulated by the Central Bank
Option 03

Investment in Irish REIT

  • Investment Investment Type Hold Period Other Requirements
    €2 million Irish Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Three years REIT must be listed on the Irish Stock Exchange
Option 04


  • Investment Investment Type
    €500,000 Donation to a project of public benefit to Irish arts, sports, health, culture, or education

Application Process

  • The application process in Ireland can be broken down into 7 steps:

    • Step 1: Applicants must submit an application, including a completed application form and supporting documents, via email to IIP&[email protected] and pay the application fee.
    • Step 2: Application must also send the original signed application form and proof of payment of the application fee to the Immigration Investor Unit by post.
    • Step 3: The application is processed and due diligence is conducted by the Department of Justice
    • Step 4: The Department of Justice presents the application and its findings to the Evaluation Committee, which may seek further information from the applicant if required.
    • Step 5: If the application is deemed suitable by the Evaluation Committee, a pre-approval letter is issued.
    • Step 6: Upon receiving a pre-approval, the applicant must make the investment
    • Step 7: A resident permit is then granted to the applicant and their family members

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to apply?

    Investors wishing to pursue residence under the Programme must be non-EEA nationals, have a personal (independent) wealth of €2 million or more, and be of good character, without criminal convictions.


    Which family members can I include in my application?

    Under Ireland’s Immigrant Investor Programme, investors can include the following family members in an application:

    • Spouse (or partner)
    • Children under 18 for whom the main applicant and/or the main applicant’s spouse (or partner) has legal guardianship
    • Children aged 18 to 24, only if unmarried, with no life partner, and financially dependent


    Is there a physical presence requirement?

    Investors and any of their family members included in the application must be physically present in Ireland for one day per calendar year – or lose their residence rights.


    How long does the application take to process?

    From submission of an application, the average processing time is around three to four months. However, application processing may take longer if the Evaluation Committee requests additional information from the applicant.


    What is the duration of the residence permit?

    Applicants must renew their first residence permit after two years, renew their second residence permit after three years, and renew subsequent residence permits after five years. At each renewal applicant must demonstrate that their investment is being held (or that the donation was made), they have not become a financial burden on Ireland, and they have not been investigated, indicted, or convicted in relation to a criminal offence.


    Are citizens from certain countries barred from applying?

    Aside from the fact that investors must be non-EEA nationals, no countries are excluded from the Programme. However, international sanctions agreements to which Ireland is party may apply.


    Is this programme for me?

    The following persons may be a good fit for the programme:

    • High net worth individuals interested in expanding their asset base
    • Businesspersons and entrepreneurs seeking to locate their business interests in Ireland
    • Nuclear families seeking to obtain residence of an EU member state

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