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Italy’s Investor Visa

Italy’s Investor Visa enables applicants to receive residence of Italy in return for a qualifying investment.










Successful applicants can receive a range of benefits, including:
check_circle The right to live, work, and undertake business in Italy
check_circle Residence valid for an initial two years, renewable for consecutive three-year periods
check_circle Ability to apply for an EU permanent residence permit after five years of residence
check_circle Ability to apply for citizenship after 10 years of residence in Italy
check_circle Ability to include family members in an application

For those who can apply in Italy, any of the following investments would be enough to qualify them for the visa:

  • €2 million in Italian government bonds
  • €500,000 in a limited company that is incorporated and operating in Italy
  • €250,000 in an Italian innovative start-up company
  • €1 million in a philanthropic initiative

Combination investments are not allowed, but the applicant can either pay from an individual bank account or from a company account.

The path for investors to receive residence in Italy is as follows:

  • Step 1: Apply online for a ‘Nulla Osta’ (a certificate of ‘no impediment’) with the Investor Visa for Italy (IV4I) Committee, which has 30 days to process the request
  • Step 2: Within six months of receiving the Nulla Osta, apply for an Investor Visa at the local Italian Consulate or Embassy
  • Step 3: Enter Italy with the Investor Visa within two years of receiving the Investor Visa, and, within eight days of entry, apply to the local police for the Investor Visa Residence Permit
  • Step 4: Wait for the residence permit, which will only be issued if the investor can show that the investment requirements were met within three months of his or her entry into Italy, and which lasts for two years
  • Step 5: Apply to the IV4I Committee to receive a new Nulla Osta and renew the residence permit for a further three years
  • Step 6: After five years of residence, the investor can apply for a renewal of the investor residence permit for a further three years, or apply for an EU permanent residence permit

Who is eligible to apply?

Investors wishing to apply for Italy’s Investor Visa must be non-EU nationals and must possess sufficient funds to make the investment.

Which family members can I include in my application?

The following family members are eligible to join the investor:

  • Spouse aged 18 or over
  • Minor children of the main applicant or of the spouse who are unmarried
  • Adult children aged over 18, if they are unable to provide for their essential needs due to health conditions implying total disability
  • Dependent parents, if they do not have any other children in the country of origin
  • Parents over 65 years of age, if the other children are unable to support them due to serious health conditions

Is there a physical presence requirement?

Since an update to the legislation in 2020, no physical presence is required of the investor. This is one of the advantages of Italy’s Investor Visa.

How long does the application take to process?

From submission of an application for an Investor Visa, the application can take between three to four months to process. The investment must be made within three months of entering Italy after receipt of the Investor Visa in order for the Investor Visa Residence Permit to be issued.

What is the duration of the residence permit?

The residence permit lasts for an initial two years. In order to renew the permit for a further three years, the investor must apply to the Investor Visa for Italy Committee to receive a new Nulla Osta. After five years of residence, the investor can either renew the residence permit for a further three years, or apply for an EU permanent residence permit.

Are citizens from certain countries barred from applying?

Not all foreign investors can apply for Italy’s Investor Visa. The country limits uptake to non-EU citizens. However, there are no other limitations in place.

Is this programme for me?

The following persons may be a good fit for the programme:

  • Businesspersons and entrepreneurs seeking to locate their business interests in Italy
  • Individuals seeking to invest in one of the world’s biggest economies and markets
  • Extended families seeking to obtain an EU permanent residence permit
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*Residency by investment programme requires a financial investment into the country.

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