Dominica Real Estate

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme offers two options for applicants to choose from. They can either gain a second passport through the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF), or by purchasing pre-approved Dominica real estate.

For the latter option, the property needs to be worth at least $200,000 USD and must be held for three years from the date citizenship is granted. It can also only be re-sold under the Citizenship by Investment programme after five years. In addition, the investor must pay government fees of $25,000 USD for a single applicant or $35,000 USD for a family of four. Investors who follow these steps can reap numerous rewards of holding dual citizenship, from greater mobility to more economic opportunities.

If you are considering taking the Dominica real estate investment route, you’ll want to know which types of properties you could potentially invest in. Here, we outline seven CBI real estate projects approved by the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Anichi Resort & Spa

The Anichi Resort & Spa is currently undergoing construction and will be a luxury boutique and all-inclusive hotel situated on Dominica’s picturesque Picard Beach. Offering wonderful views of the Caribbean Sea and Dominica’s gorgeous mountains, the resort was listed among the top ten most anticipated Caribbean hotels for 2019 by Forbes. It is branded by the Autograph Collection — owned by Marriott International — and developed by Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd.

Any investors who are interested in this Dominica real estate project can either buy redeemable shares in the property or a freehold suite. Those who invest into the former will receive a share certificate, while buyers of suites obtain a title deed. Whichever option you choose, you’ll be able to stay at the resort free of charge for two weeks each year.

Bois Cotlette

Dating back to the early years of French settlement in Dominica during the 1720s, Bois Cotlette is one of the oldest surviving estates on the island. Located in the southwest of Dominica near Soufrière, the property is nestled in a valley within the active Morne Plat Pays volcanic complex. The preserved architecture includes buildings for the processing of coffee, sugar, and cocoa, as well as villas, historic ruins, the recently renovated Maison, and a spectacular factory courtyard. All in all, Bois Cotlette is 53 acres of self-sufficiency with the ability to produce its own water, food and green energy. Investors can purchase a share in a villa on the property from $250,000 USD.

Jungle Bay

Jungle Bay is one of the Caribbean’s most successful boutique hotels. Establishing an international reputation for its commitment to sustainability, visitors can stay in the hotel’s luxury eco villas, which have been built using local materials without disturbing the natural landscape. All food and drink served at the hotel is organic and locally sourced, among other eco-friendly initiatives. Located among lush tropical forests, Jungle Bay also offers magnificent views of the sea, and has previously been named in both National Geographic’s and Trip Advisor’s lists of the best hotels in the Caribbean.

Once a purchase and sale agreement has been completed, the investor will receive a deeded title in one of Jungle Bay’s villas, which they’ll be able to use for one a week a year. Considering just how popular the resort is, investing in Jungle Bay can be an incredibly lucrative move.

Cabrits Report Kempinski

The Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski was the first Dominica real estate project to be approved under the Citizenship by Investment programme. Opening its doors in October 2019, the resort is located near Portsmouth, and surrounded by Cabrits National Park, offering sublime views of the tropical forest, as well as the sea. The Cabrits Resort & Spa is part of the Geneva-based chain Kempinski Hotels, which operates more than 75 five-star hotels in over 31 countries. Investing in the resort will not only grant you Dominican citizenship, but automatically enrol you in the highest tier of the Kempinski loyalty programme.

Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa

An investment in the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa provides a contribution to the modern climate-resilient infrastructure in Dominica. Built after Hurricane Maria devastated the country, the resort has been structurally designed to withstand earthquakes and Category 5 hurricane-force winds. In support of the resort, Dominica’s Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, said that the project ensures “that at all stages, the environment is respected and the environment is protected”.

Situated in the rainforest of Morne Trois Pitons National Park, it features luxurious eco-villas, private balcony jacuzzis and swimming pools. Investors can buy a share in the resort, which not only automatically entitles them and their family to Dominican citizenship, but use of Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa. They can do so for seven days during high season, and 14 days during low season.

Tranquility Beach Dominica

Tranquility Beach Dominica is a prestigious, environmentally conscious residential resort with first-class accommodation and contemporary architecture. Upon completion, the development will comprise one and two-bedroom condominium suites, studio suites, and one, two and three-bedroom villas. It will also feature a diverse range of amenities and services like a spa, fine dining restaurant, and a large swimming pool. 

The only investment option for Tranquility Beach is to buy undivided shares within the overall project. By doing so, investors will also earn 1.25 million HHonors rewards points to use on future stays at Hilton Hotels and Resorts.