How to Assess Citizenship Programmes?

6 Elements to Assess Citizenship Pogrammes

At CS Global Partners, we help our clients gain a second nationality through citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes. We only advocate citizenship by investment programmes that are fully legal, and the perfect fit for our clients’ personal circumstances and priorities.

CBI programmes were devised to provide a win-win solution for both the host country and the investors and rest on the notion that both parties can benefit from efficiency as well as impact.

We established six key elements to guide potential investor and citizen-to-be to assess which programme best matches their needs.

  1. Residence requirements: Do you need to live in the host country to qualify for citizenship by investment?
  2. Ease and speed of application: Is gaining a new citizenship a long and complicated process?
  3. Legality of the programme: Is the programme you are considering applying to a legitimate citizenship by investment programme?
  4. Investment level and type: What is the minimum investment required for citizenship and are there multiple investment options?
  5. Citizenship obligations: Are there any special obligations or restrictions associated with taking citizenship?
  6. Coverage: Will the programme also cover your spouse and children, and will citizenship extend to future generations?