Unravelling the Real Estate Option

While no CBI programme is the same and investment options vary from programme to programme, all Caribbean CBI programmes offer the option to (1) make a direct contribution to the relevant Government or (2) invest in Government-approved real estate. Some programmes also offer additional investment routes to applicants.

Possible Investment Routes

Possible Investment Routes

Under the direct contribution route, the contribution is commonly made to a fund, such as the Sustainable Growth Fund in St Kitts and Nevis, and is non-refundable.

Antigua and Barbuda and St Lucia offer more than just the contribution route and the real estate route. In Antigua and Barbuda, main applicants can also make an independent or joint investment in a business or donate to the University of the West Indies Fund. In St Lucia, main applicants can invest in an enterprise or purchase government bonds.


The Real Estate Route

Though minimum real estate investment thresholds differ among Caribbean CBI programmes, each programme follows a similar structure whereby investors are asked to purchase real estate that has been pre-selected by the Government, such as approved hotels and resorts.

The minimum real estate investment refers to the minimum amount an investor must spend in order to buy the relevant property. The transaction occurs between the investor (the buyer) and the real estate developer or owner (the seller) and the investor, in the form of a purchase and sale agreement. In addition, the investor must pay a ‘Government Fee’ to the relevant Government.

The real estate route is more complex than the direct contribution route. The investor may, for example, require the help of an attorney to review the purchase and sale agreement. The investor may even wish to travel to the relevant country to see the real estate prior to the purchase. Additionally, all Caribbean CBI countries require those who purchase real estate to hold that real estate for a specified period, ranging from three to seven years depending on the country and the circumstances of the sale.

Nevertheless, the real estate route presents an opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios and make a significant return on their investment, all while receiving a second citizenship.

No matter the investment route taken, all successful CBI applicants have a positive impact on their country of second citizenship, whether by providing capital to that country’s economy via a direct contribution to the Government or by investing in that country’s real estate sector.

Caribbean Comparison

See the below tables for a comparison of the real estate options available under Caribbean CBI programmes:

Antigua and Barbuda

Independent investmentUS$400,000
Independent investmentUS$200,000
Minimum joint investmentUS$200,000 each (total value of the investment: US$400,000)
Government Fees
Family of up to four personsUS$30,000
Additional family membersUS$15,000 each

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Minimum investmentUS$200,000
Government Fees
Single applicantUS$25,000
Family of up to four members (exclusive of siblings)US$35,000
Family of up to six members (exclusive of siblings)US$50,000
Family of seven persons or more (exclusive of siblings)US$70,000
Sibling 0–17US$25,000 each
Sibling 18–25US$50,000 each

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Minimum independent investmentUS$350,000
Minimum joint investment in tourism accommodationUS$220,000 per investor (total value of the investment: US$440,000)
Government Fees
Single applicantUS$50,000
Main applicant and up to three family members (except parents or grandparents under 55 and siblings)US$50,000
After the third family memberUS$25,000 each
Any parent or grandparent under the age of 55US$50,000 each
Any siblingUS$75,000 each

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St Kitts and Nevis

Minimum independent investmentUS$400,000
Minimum joint investmentUS$200,000 per investor (total value of the investment: US$400,000)
Government Fees
Single applicantUS$35,000
Any family member other than the spouseUS$10,000 each



St Lucia

Minimum investmentUS$300,000
Government Administration Fees
Single applicantUS$30,000
Main applicant and spouseUS$45,000
Family member aged 18 or aboveUS$10,000 each
Family member under the age of 18US$5,000 each

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