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What is a Sub Agent?

Citizenship by Investment Units, Authorised Agents or Persons, Sub Agents, and Marketing Agents play the main roles in the immigration investment industry. But what is a Sub Agent, and what do they do?


What is an Authorised Agent?
The Caribbean citizenship by investment programmes have agents, known as Authorised Agents in Dominica and Authorised Persons in St Kitts and Nevis. Malta has Licensed Agents who are approved and licensed by Community Malta Agency. An Authorised Agent or Person is licensed by the government, has an office in the country, and falls under the government’s jurisdiction. They act on an applicant’s behalf when applying for citizenship by investment. Importantly, they are the only entities licensed to submit citizenship by investment applications to, and communicate directly with, the Citizenship by Investment Unit. Authorised Agents or Persons are also expected to run Know Your Client checks, which include basic checks using the World-Check database. World-Check allows agents to do an initial check to see if there are any potential reputational issues for an applicant.
What is a Sub Agent?
Sub Agents act as a bridge between applicants and the Authorised Agent. As Authorised Agents cannot reach all target locations, they appoint a Sub Agent to reach clients. Authorised Agents or Persons have Sub Agents located across the world, which assist in marketing the programmes, and also assist individuals applying for second citizenship. Sub Agents work closely with Authorised Agents to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest programme requirements.
Why is a Sub Agent Important?
A Sub Agent is appointed by an Authorised Agent and is an integral part of the Citizenship by Investment industry. They act as an introducer to programmes and are the first filter in a multi-layered process of due diligence checks. The applicant goes through more due diligence checks as the application progresses. In the Caribbean, due diligence is multi-tiered, including internal checks by the Citizenship by Investment Units and external checks by due diligence agencies and regional and international law enforcement agencies.
Sub Agent’s Duties and Responsibilities
For private clients, Sub Agents need to know the complexities of each citizenship by investment programme and guide their clients through the applications. Each applicant is unique and therefore additonal documents may be required depending on an individual’s circumstance. Sub Agents help applicants understand which documents are needed to apply for citizenship by investment, how to fill out the forms and what formats they need to be. Sub Agents also indicate which documents an individual has to get first and last, according to any expiry dates. For example, in Dominica, a police record no older than three months is needed in the application, and therefore can be applied for last. For the Citizenship by Investment Units, Sub Agents need to know how to market and publicise the programmes according to the government’s requirements. They have up-to-date knowledge about the programmes and processes.
How to Apply to be a Sub Agent
Those who wish to promote, market, or advertise Citizenship by Investment programmes should get in touch with a relevant Authorised Agent or Person.  The individual should agree to the terms and conditions of the programme in a formal agreement between the Authorised Agent and Sub Agent. The Authorised Agent then registers the Sub Agent with the relevant Citizenship by Investment Unit.
How to Verify a Sub Agent
How will you know if your Sub Agent is registered with the Citizenship by Investment Unit? Individuals are encouraged to do their own due diligence by asking the Sub Agent who their Authorised Agent or Person is. A list of all Authorised Agents or Persons can be found by checking the official website of the relevant Citizenship by Investment Unit. If the agent is on the list then it means that they are registered as an Authorised Agent.
CS Global Partners
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