Portugal Programme 

  • Known as the Golden Residence Permit Programme, Portugal’s Residence by Investment Programme has been operating since October 2012. It is the ideal solution for non-European citizens seeking the freedom to live and work in Portugal and travel across the Schengen Area.

    Portugal’s mild climate, rich culture, exceptional cuisine and exquisite scenery have encouraged many high-net-worth individuals to make this wonderful Iberian nation their second home. It boasts several potentially lucrative avenues for investment, with opportunities rife in manufacturing, tourism, and green energy.

    The programme is open to investors and certain family members and can be obtained even while maintaining an alternative residence elsewhere. The residence authorisation can be renewed for an initial period of two years and then for consecutive five-year periods, provided the residency requirements have been fulfilled.

Benefits of Portugal Residency 

  • Безвизовые поездки в страны Шенгенской зоны
  • Право на проживание, работу, учебу и ведение бизнеса в Португалии
  • Минимальные требования для желающих получить вид на жительство
  • Возможность получения ПМЖ и гражданства через 6 лет
  • Безопасность, отличные возможности для получения образования и доступ высококачественному медицинскому обслуживанию
  • Возможности для воссоединения семьи

Investment Options

Option 01 01


  • Applicants can purchase residential, commercial, or agricultural real estate. Processing fees apply.

  • Недвижимость 500 000 EUR
  • Недвижимость под реконструкцию 350 000 EUR
Option 02 02


  • Applicants can choose between a series of capital transfers. Processing fees apply.

  • Стандартный перевод капитала 1 000 000 €
  • Перевод капитала в научно-исследовательские организации 350 000 €
  • Перевод капитала в инвестиционные фонды или фонды венчурного капитала 350 000 €
  • Перевод капитала в коммерческие общества 350 000 €
  • Перевод капитала в фонды развития искусств или национального наследия 250 000 €
Option 03 03


  • Applicants pursuing this option must create at least ten jobs in Portugal. Processing fees apply.

Portuguese Passport 

    Application Process

    • Applicants must have made their investment before applying and submit the proof of investment as well as their intentions to maintain it for at least five years.  

      • Step 1: Interested applicants must submit an application at the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Services (SEF).
      • Step 2: Submit the application along with documentation.
      • Step 3: Pay all the relevant fees.
      • Step 4: Wait for confirmation from the SEF.
      • Step 5: Schedule an appointment to submit your application at a local branch of the SEF.

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